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Bun B Talks DJ Premier Track “Let ‘Em Know”

I had this for a while, but recently the tracklist leaked so why not posting it? Scans from XXLmag. Track title apparently changed to “Let ‘Em Know”. Seems like it will be the only track to look forward to. Somebody know when this is coming? Shout out to DJ Reker.

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3 Responses to “Bun B Talks DJ Premier Track “Let ‘Em Know””

  • Comment from danth

    yea i seen this is xxl last month. as soon as i saw it i started googling it. couldn’t find ish about it.

    hopefully it’ll be dope

  • Comment from AMAru

    album’s droppin’ august 3rd
    can’t wait for that joint

  • Comment from chris

    i saw premier in berlin last year and i must say that i wasn’t that impressed. maybe my expectations were just too high.

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