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Jay Electronica Working With DJ Premier

Following his free performance at Red Hook Park this past Tuesday (June 1), Jay Electronica took a few minutes to speak with about what he’s been working on. Although the New Orleans native has no release date in sight for his upcoming project, he did shed some light on who he’s been in the studio with and what’s on the horizon musically.

It seems like hip-hop’s hottest producers from the genre’s past and future are lining up to work with the “Exhibit C” phenom. “Different people,” he told, in regards to who would lend their hand to him on the release. “Just Blaze, Preemo, beats from Justice L.E.A.G.U.E., DJ Khalil… Swizz Beatz.”

He also said that there would be occasions where a producer was in the studio with him, but not necessarily the one behind the particular track he’d be laying. “Sometimes, you maybe see a producer that you like his music, and you may not want something from him, but maybe you want him to oversee a certain part of the project,” he continued.

This week’s Brooklyn show was the first in New York City’s SummerStage series that features various artists from many genres throughout the upcoming months. Jay has some upcoming performances scheduled alongside 50 Cent, but he said he’ll wait a little while before a full on tour. “Right now, we just trying to get back in the lab to finish up some projects. When I start touring again, I wanna tour on the heels of a release.”


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5 Responses to “Jay Electronica Working With DJ Premier”

  • Comment from moz

    I wonder how many cats was listening to his stuff while he was doing demos on dilla’s beats… It’s great that he came into the spotlight

  • Comment from JJBro1

    where are all his songs, mixtapes, etc? All I’ve heard is exhibit a and c and ghost of christopher wallace.

  • Comment from KAZAM92

    JJBro download either the “Victory” Mixtape or “What The F*ck is a Jay Electronica”

    Personally the latter has some of his better tracks but its a bit older. Its dopeness all the same though

  • Comment from DIZOE

    I really like JE’s shit that he’s done but I think he’s eventually on the that mainstream route. Just look at his line up….. Just Blaze, DJ Khalid, Swiss Beats……..I mean c’mon. Those dudes are not complete and basically wack in the present day from not sticking to what got them fame. At the end of day, everyone can choose to make their mark any way they feel. ROCK THE CULTURE!!

  • Comment from WHat

    @dizoe, ur point about swizz beats is fair but saying that just blaze and dj khalil (not khaled!) is wack is a overblown statement. Have u forgot just blaze has produced 2 of jay elect’s best records exhibit a and c? and whats wack about khalil? GTFO!

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