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Fat Joe – I’m Gone Snippet

DJ Premier-produced “I’m Gone” closes the album. It was produced the day Guru died and is triumphantly somber with punctuating piano but an immensely chunky string and hard drum create the perfect storm of malevolent sorrow.

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13 Responses to “Fat Joe – I’m Gone Snippet”

  • Comment from preemrespect

    When this real shit will be to buy ? Incredible

  • Comment from SirBiatch

    This beat sounds incredible! Premo really seems on his A-game this year. hopefully Fat Joe doesn’t fuck it up

    NAS! Stop being STUPID and work with Premo! So fucking frustrating…

  • Comment from haroon

    Snippet indeed 🙂

    Fat Joe works well over Primo beats.

  • Comment from Dick B.

    I don’t like the chorus (sort of soft). Beat is good though.

  • Comment from Will

    Check out that guy nodding his head massively out of time in the background.

  • Comment from MC_Squarepants

    Same drums as the way it iz! Nice beat!

  • Comment from shawamar

    All that shit Joe was talking about Preem, and he only let him do one track….Wack!

  • Comment from bill

    I think the chorus is not soft, it’s deep.

  • Comment from Gold167

    Not really impressed with what I heard until I hear it fully, leave judgement until then

  • Comment from T.R.

    I love this joint. It’s doper than dope!
    I’ve read that the album is going to be released at 13 July, is the date still correct?

  • Comment from AMAru

    the release date has been pushed back to 27th july as far as i remember. and concernin the track: i expected some hardcore preem banger, since he announced it months ago, i can understand that he made some deep shit cuz of gurus decease tho… the beat is cool, but to be honest, its nuthin special. maybe i gotta listen to the full version to judge it properly OR my expectations were just too high.
    i would prefer some scartches on the hook instead of this corny sing part as well, but its just my opinion… not bad but not impressed neither…

  • Comment from T.R.

    Has the beat/track changed? I think somebody was talking about a dark hardcore beat for the “Darkside”?

  • Comment from kabron

    cant w8 for this song to leak and the album 2 drop!!! gonna be a classic…by far one of joes best albums in years!

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