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Official Guru’s Son KC Trust Fund Now Open

The official KC Trust Fund is now open and running thanks to Guru’s family. KC is the only son Guru left behind and it would be grateful to show your support towards him for Guru. His son is the only person who should truly benefits from Guru legacy. And DJ Premier will make sure Guru’s profit from Gang Starr will go out to his son, no doubt about that. May Guru rest in peace. Thank you to everyone for supporting KC!

Send your love to:

USAA Imco.
PO. Box 65943
San Antonio, TX 78265
Account: 47901737495

The Elam family thanks you!

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4 Responses to “Official Guru’s Son KC Trust Fund Now Open”

  • Comment from haroon

    Can we get some PayPal going? Would be the easiest way for a lot of us.

  • Comment from gimantalon

    yeah, would be a lot of easier. Hopefully they working on it, I know you have to prove to paypal you are a non-profit organization and that can take a while.

  • Comment from MIKE D ATL

    Great move. By the way, USAA is one of the strongest and stable investment and insurance companies in the WORLD. Solid choice. KC is in good hands. PREMO stay strong.


  • Hello,
    I wanted to get info on where to send a check to Guru’s sons trust fund, thanks

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