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WEDNESDAY CLASSICS: Live On Hot 97 (09/24/1995)

One of the first time DJ Premier talks while DJing. Enjoy!

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14 Responses to “WEDNESDAY CLASSICS: Live On Hot 97 (09/24/1995)”

  • Comment from Dick B.

    Man I really would like to have that Freaky Flow (DJ Premier Remix).
    Hey gimantalon is it possible you could hook me up with that mp3 by posting it on this website, that is if you have it.

  • Comment from Lg Roc

    dope track !
    dope mixing!
    Damn gee…

  • Comment from Lg Roc

    Dope track !(what the name?)
    Dope mixing!
    And um…
    Damn gee… How happy Jackie…. i luuuuuuuuuuve this track..
    When i was 16 i used to skateboard everyday listening that track and also Nas the world is yours was in my tape lol..
    Az is my fav MC!

    Damn can you post the whole playlist? lol

  • Comment from sassoon


    • Comment from Brian McDonnell

      Major Stress – A Day In Da Stuy
      Lord Finesse f/Akinyele – Words From Da AK
      Talk break
      Camp Lo – Coolie High (Remix)
      Heather B – Sendin Em Back
      The Hillfiguzes – Pain
      Talk break (The Nonce – Who Falls Apart Inst.)
      Special Ed – Freaky Flow (DJ Premier Remix)
      Onyx – Last Dayz
      AZ – Ho Happy Jackie
      LL Cool J – Hollis to Hollywood
      Talk break
      Mobb Deep – Still Shinin
      Talk break
      Lord Finesse – True and Livin
      Talk break
      Das Efx – Ready to Rock Rough Rhymes (Remix)
      Group Home – Up Against The Wall
      Q Ball & Curt Cazal – My Kinda Moves
      Talk break
      Blahzay Blahzay f/Smoothe & Trigga – Danger II
      All City – Who Dat
      All City – Metro Theme
      Bahamadia – 3 the Hard Way
      Group Home – Livin’ Proof Intro
      Group Home – Sacrifice
      Talk break

  • Comment from Jaime

    Sick mix, is there a download link available?

  • Comment from iffy

    Dj Premier said that group home have a new album. What do you know about this because i would love to hear it. gimantalon u know anything about it?

  • Comment from REAL6

    LG Roc

    That song is Onyx ‘Last Dayz’

    WOW, surprised i even remember that. Song is sooooooooooooooooooo retarded!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I miss the 90’s!!!!!!!

  • Comment from jj


    this radio mix is from 1995

  • Comment from RjG2

    Do you have a track list? This is a DOPE mix!

  • Comment from iffy


    Ohh right got my hopes up for nothing lol. Thanks for replying

  • Comment from D

    01.major stress – a day in the stuy
    02.akinyele – a word from ak (on the lord finesse awakening album) lo – coolie high
    04.heather b. – sendin em back
    05.hillfiguzes – pain
    06.special ed – freaky flow
    07.onyx – last dayz – ho happy jackie
    09.ll cool j – hollis to hollywood
    10.mobb deep – still shinin
    11.lord finesse – true and livin
    12.das efx – ready to rock ruff rhymes home – up against the wall
    14.q-ball and curt cazal – my kinda moves
    15.blahzay blahzay – danger pt. II
    16.all city – who dat?
    17.all city – metro theme
    18.bahamadia – 3 the hard way home – sacrifice

  • Comment from gimantalon


  • Comment from jj

    thanks to D !!! ^^

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