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Exclusive: New DJ Premier Beat “Dots” [CDQ]

A new Premo beat!! Some may already heard it on LiveFromHQ, but now we have it in CDQ. It’s featured on DJ Premier next instrumental LP “Beats That Collected Dust Vol. 2” (coming January 21, pre order here) but you can already hear it on the Def Jam Rapstar game whom Premo sold three beats to so you can freestyle over it, very fun game and it supports Preem so you should support it too haha. This is the extra DLC beat you can buy for 2 dollars… But I bring you the cdq:

DJ Premier – Dots [CDQ]

Damn, all those exclusives here this week… lets make some more shall we, not really DJ Premier directed but why not? Now that I’ve got my hands on it… And I’ve met Just Blaze before with Alchemist (thanks to Premo ofc), he looks to Premo the same way like I do lol. Here’s the Just Blaze beat he sold Def Jam Rapstar called “8 Bit”, Jay Z rejected! (nah nah, just kidding (I think)):

Just Blaze – 8 Bit [CDQ]

And for the commercial dudes under us, the beat Cool & Dre sold to Def Jam Rapstar named “Public Enemy”, can you hear The Game or Ja Rule on it? Fck Yeah! Enjoy:

Cool & Dre – Public Enemy [CDQ]

And just to let you know, in the game you have more unreleased goodies by 9th Wonder… Support!