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DJ Premier Talks With VladTV

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4 Responses to “DJ Premier Talks With VladTV”

  • Comment from nOF

    Ayo, where is the live from headqcourterz?
    I need that to sleep man ;)…

  • Comment from gimantalon

    @nOF, couldn’t record it because sirius changed the transcript code again… I’m hoping that the programmer can make an update to that new code asap. i’m not going to stay home (in europe it plays at 4am, that’s party and bullshit time on friday for everybody) to record the show manually. so now hoping DJ Premier uploads his own show like he does once in a while… sorry

  • Comment from Untitled

    Did Beats that Collected Dust Vol.2 LP ever release on Jan. 18th?

    Can’t find it for sale.

  • where is the live from hqz?

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