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OFFLINE: DJ Eclipse Wild Pitch Set on Fatbeats Live (02/09/2011)

To whom it may concern,

Please be advised that the undersigned has been retained to represent EVR Community Corp. (EVR) with respect to copyright infringement occurring on

The download being offered on the mixcloud embeddable player at, is a “radio rip” (see attached screen shot). Specifically, this audio file was the result of a rip of the audio of the Fatbeats internet radio show which was broadcast on (EVR) on February 9, 2011. This audio file is now being distributed via the mixcloud embeddable player without authorization from EVR. This is in direct contravention to U.S. Copyright law.

U.S. law provides for statutory penalties of US $150,000 per knowing copyright violation. As a radio rip requires a conscious effort, this action will constitute a knowing violation. Each copy that Mixcloud participates in distributing constitutes a separate violation under copyright law, and EVR will seek damages accordingly.

You have hereby been provided with notice that your site is violating EVR’s copyright. As the sound recording you are illegally distributing contains a sound recording that is itself protected by copyright, EVR and DJ Eclipse may each seek the maximum penalty from Mixcloud and its principals, officers, and owners, for each sound recording that you have distributed if you fail to immediately comply with my instructions.

Please delete this audio file immediately from Mixcloud’s servers and all hard drives in your possession, disable the embeddable player that includes this sound recording and confirm in an email to me that this download page and all references to it have been eliminated. Please also be aware in advance that you may not enable streaming of this track, and you must delete any references to this track and to Fatbeats from your website.

As per Mixcloud’s copyright infringement policy, I hereby represent under penalty of perjury that the information in this Notice is accurate and that I am authorized to act on behalf of the owner of the exclusive rights that have been infringed.

I look forward in advance to your cooperation.

Respectfully yours,


Arthur J. Owens, Esq.
Law Office of Arthur J. Owens
1608 Beverley Road, Ste. 3
Brooklyn NY 11226
Phone: 347.529.7168
Fax 815.880.2295

First of all, I do respect my own disclaimer “Should the content on this blog infringe on any copyright laws, please feel free to contact me and I will remove the respective post accordingly”.
Second of all, something tells me DJ Eclipse wouldn’t sue me.
Third of all, where is hip hop? but i do know where hip hop isn’t at:
Fourth of all, you got to be kidding me? lmao… Stuart Fine or whoever owns the catalog of Wild Pitch Records, step in and eat from it.

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19 Responses to “OFFLINE: DJ Eclipse Wild Pitch Set on Fatbeats Live (02/09/2011)”

  • You are hereby advised that this audio file has been illegally posted by This is an illegal download under U.S. Copyright law, and the owners of this site as well as any person downloading or sharing this file will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. If you download this file, you may be named as a defendant in a copyright infringement lawsuit, and/or subpoenaed to testify as a witness against, and your computer and any other hard drives on which this file is transferred may be seized. This file was posted without the permission of EVR Community Corporation, Fatbeats, and DJ Eclipse. Illegal file sharing violates U.S. and international law and violates the moral rights of the artists and individuals who create the works.

    Employees and/or operators of this website who wish to avoid prosecution should email the Legal Department of East Village Radio immediately at the email address accompanying this notice.

  • cant wait for the tracklist

  • Comment from Hot Line 666

    @Arthur J. Owens

    Great! Internet nowadays is like RADIO. Where the world wide can know about the artist.

    If the illegal downloads in america increased, believe me, world wide the fame and the collectors who as buyers also increased, so it is almost even.

    Classic hip hop is dying, only a few cats love it.
    We love it…

    We can’t share? Why? DJ Eclipse did the mix, and only a few people in america can appreciate??

    What about the rest of the world? Can’t even know about that mix?

    We re like a community who keeps Classic hip hop live.
    Why act like Major Money Hungry selfish like that?

    To the author of this sue shit… a big ass FUCK YOU.

  • Comment from nekstar

    Eastvillageradio just played themself THE FUCK OUT… lmao at me getting heared and everybody that listened to the mix, thank you!!

    “underground will live forever baby, we like roaches…”

  • Comment from JP

    These mixtapes they were pulling from aren’t even available for sale. So what are you even protecting? What the fuck.

  • Comment from yoyo


    I understand if it was an album or a release, but it’s just a damn radio show.

    Is East Village Radio paying royalties for the Wild Pitch songs?

    What if I liked some of the songs in the mix? What if I went out and bought the music?

    Are you losing any money on this?

    Arthur J. Owens, you’re a huge FAIL. Same with East Village Radio. Go FUCK yourself.

    Long live Mad respect Gim!

  • Man FUCK that Arthur J. Owens cock sucker. Gim, that faggit can’t touch you… How is US copyright laws gonna affect you when you are out in Europe somewhere??? People should start prank calling that faggit ass Lawyer and the legal department @ east village ragio.

  • Comment from Phil

    More info on Arthur Owens:

    Dude was a litigation lawyer , no wonder he’s acting like this 🙁

  • Comment from rollo


    Now we know why Primo and Malachi the nutcracker had to raise a ruckus in Stu FIne’s office.

    STU’s is a little bitch!

  • Comment from phil

    @ rollo :

    I guess Stu was scared as F… when that happened

    Stu is on the right

  • Comment from rollo


    thanks Phil!

    Now that is some predictable shit.

    Eat a dick Stu..stop suing people when you’re the biggest crook in town!

  • Comment from bctw

    Jews strike again in Hiphop. You can’t trust those devils. I hope they all burn in hell.

  • Comment from Eael

    Yeah this is typical cowardice by people that don’t give a what anymore about the culture, because like the rest of the entertainment industry they slept on the power of the download. When a player drops a pass in a sport they don’t stop the game and say “Here try that again”. Most execs/lawyers have little vision to begin with and this absurdity is Livin Proof! Ha! You gonna sue me for that??? Livin Proof! Livin Proof! Livin Proof! Stu prob forgot it was one of the GOAT hip hop albums and Arthur probably doesn’t own a hip hop album let alone a piece of vinyl. Yeah sue me for that as well and you can bring some 45’s to court and prove me wrong, spending tax payers money on something useful. Limewire, Napster 4ever.

  • Comment from zack

    I’m Jewish and I love Hip Hop music. This site is one of my favorite places to go and I think that Gim does a great job and we should all support him.

    However in my opinion, wishing for all Jews to “burn in hell” doesn’t help ANYBODY.

    Peace to Gim and Premier and Rest in Peace to GURU.

  • Comment from Stretch Corleone

    Eat a dick, Mr. Owens!!!!!!!

  • this dude wildin

  • Comment from AO

    Ain’t the devil happy… probably not. Keep up the great efforts Gim, these shows are like medicine.


  • Comment from rollo

    zack if you’re jewish and love hip hop…check your people..when they start ‘ari golding’ and acting sheisty…kick the shit out of em. Cause you know you cats RUN ENTERTAINMENT at the expense of everyone else…shiiiit you think Paul Rosenberg gives Em all his money…hell naw!

  • Comment from Craig

    Keep the dope stuff coming! And i wish a big cock in the face to Mr Owens!

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