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DJ Premier Gives Us His Top 5 Producers Of All Time

He already did this a couple of times, but this the 2011 updated list I guess. On a sidenote, who’s Boi1da?

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24 Responses to “DJ Premier Gives Us His Top 5 Producers Of All Time”

  • Comment from LG Roc


  • Comment from AMAru

    yo gim you serious with that comment? boi1da is one of the hottest producers out now, which is a sad thing, cuz imo his beats are pretty much mediocre to wack
    thank god he didn’t put him in his top 5 …

  • Comment from nOF

    Word who’s Boi1da? I’ve googled and goggled, but can’t get any results–

  • Comment from Edward

    Boi1da is a new guy who’s been working with Drake.

  • Comment from gimantalon

    ok, i know drake though (thanks to premo :D). thx!

  • Comment from Martin

    wonder where will he rank alchemist

  • Comment from mick

    1 premo
    2 marley marl
    3 large pro
    4 pete rock
    5 rza
    6 bomb squad
    7 da beatminerz
    8 buckwild
    9 de dre
    10 erick sermon

  • Comment from paul

    boi1da worked with eminem…he produce ”not afraid”…here is a link where u can find more bout the man

  • Comment from Dick B.

    Large Pro or Dr. Dre is a tough one.
    Take Pete Rock over Dre though, just like his beats better.

  • Comment from Sam

    This is a canadian dude known for producing for Kardinal, Drake and the likes of Bun B.
    Gim’, you should listen to Bun B’s “Put It Down feat. Drake” on Trill O.G.
    Dope track

  • interesting…boi1da is cool tho

  • Comment from Jaz

    “Not Afraid” is wack as hell, what is happening to Premo, why does he rate wack, non due paying “rappers” like Drake?

  • I luv you preem.. But I cant take Mantronix (who is dope) over Pete Rock or Large Pro.

    James Brown at first I would say know.. But when you think about it.. During the late 80s dudes were just straight looping all his ish and rhyming over it…

    Marley was Preem before Preem…

    Dre for obvious reasons…

  • Did some research on Mantronix.. During his period Mid to late 80s he was doing it big… During that time I was more focused on Mcees and didnt check for the producers..

    This dude during that period was up there with Rick Rubin…

    I didnt realize he was behind hitz from….

    T La’rock, EPMD, JustIce, KRS… etc…

    Got no problem with Mantronix on the list… My bad…!!

  • Comment from DJ Guttah

    Boi-1da produced “Forever” by Drake and Eminem. He is about the most asked for producer in the game right now. He is basically the main producer for Drake.

    He ain’t all that dope to me. But it’s cool if Premo or anyone else likes him. His drums BANG, no doubt. It’s his melodies/samples that I don’t like. I give him props though. The man is only 24 years old, he’s making mad doe.

    I’ll pass on putting him on my top 5 producers list though. That’s just me.

  • Comment from Sinosure

    I guess with Dr. Dre Premo feels (IMO) he’s in there on his list because of his orchestrations of making the beat. The way Dre samples his music, it makes you think he had some one orchestrate the whole piece live in a studio, so I get it in why I think Premo chose him. I’m like Dick B. ^^^ though, I don’t know if I can take Dre over Pete Rock or Large Pro, but I’m not taking anything away from Dre at all. He’s a dope producer. It’s always interesting to hear major producers, top five producers, lol!

  • Comment from SirBiatch

    lol. Premo NEVER put Kanye or Boi-1da on the list. No knee-jerk reactions! Just watch the damn video and find out what he’s talking about.

  • Comment from mang

    who’s boi1da? He produced “Forver” by Drake,Kanye,Em,Wayne, “Not Afraid” and “Seduction” for Eminem, and practically every good Drake song was either by him or 40 (Another producer/engineer) (or both is some cases). Solo drake production credits include Over, Best I ever had, Uptown, ect.

    Also has produced for Lil Wayne, Keri Hilson, Lloyd Banks, Bun B.. c’mon mane he deserves his props!!! s/o to boi1da

  • Comment from Yank

    If yall aint heard of Boi1da yet, yall must of been sleeping under a mountain or dead for the last 4 years cause he’s one of the best producers out rite now believe that!!!

  • You have to include Havoc on the list come on Primo!

  • Comment from killa Beez

    What about JDilla?? you gotta be kidding…

  • Comment from Neil

    Much love to Primo….I’m just a little confused. Is this Preem’s top 5 in ANY catagory of top 5 in Hip Hop? Or is this across the board of music genres (Hip Hop and Soul)? If so, then shouldn’t Quincy and George Clinton be included?

    I’m just sayin’

    Big Neil

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  • Comment from fortydogg

    really boi iz gay and i aint gotta wonder if and hes a rich boy just like drake. these kids iz wack, been to toronto alot of times and drake aint got luv in da city unless itz young tight butt hugger wearing teens or girls who just follow whateva fad iz right now in hip hop/ common premo u no drake aint get no luv from flint,michigan real ni99az

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