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DJ Premier Speaks On The Guru & The Other Dude Situation

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3 Responses to “DJ Premier Speaks On The Guru & The Other Dude Situation”

  • Comment from Gbrown

    Through it all you’re still his friend and he yours…friends are allowed to have squabbles and all that shit with their peoples… What pissed us off with Solar is that this clown didn’t realize we, out were smart enough to understand that everything that went on with you and Guru wasn’t our business, but all that “Guru don’t rock with Primo” shit we were’nt going to swallow AT ALL! If anything we’re going to look at that clown the way did and ask “who the fuck are you dude and why don’t you shut the fuck up…”

    Relationships as real as the one you had with Guru (and for as long) don’t break under the pressure… You can stress it to the limit, but it don’t break. The love remains always. Ask Dame and Jay how they really feel behind closed doors and you’ll see the love still there.

    going to break that man house after it was all said and done, proving he is actually a snake. The Chain the Star is unbreakable.

  • friends squabble…still love

  • Comment from Deadly D

    Peace everybody, just wanted to share as well as drop a perspective of a situation, the guru-solar-djpremier-gangstarr-7grandrecords situation. And its this “There’s two sides to every story” in which this case it’s Guru’s and DJPremier’s. Although Guru isn’t here anylonger, peace Gurizzy, he was here for a number of years after the chain and the starr broke up. Although its never really a break up if you know what i mean, the love was there, buried underneath hate and ill feelings. I believe there’s more to this than what has been presented as well as what has been reacted on so far. “keep your eyes and ears the fuck open! Word is Bond!” lol peace all.

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