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DJ Premier & Pete Rock Visits DD172

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10 Responses to “DJ Premier & Pete Rock Visits DD172”

  • Comment from big phill


  • Comment from Hot Line 666

    Yeah! Smoke Marry Juana yall. Everywhere i check there is a fucking Marry Juanna smoking scene to show how cool and hype.
    Aight yall.. continue to do that! Be tagged for that! And prepare to be caught by cops when you get out of your crib.
    Dope example to the Youth.

  • Yo Hot Line 666, why are you such a fAG??? They are just doing what they do, period. It’s life. Get over it. If you don’t smoke weed, then cool, you don’t smoke. But don’t hate on others for doing what they do. If you’re a parent, then be a fuckin parent and teach your kids not to do things like smoke weed if you have such a problem with it. *shaking head*

    Should people also never be seen drinking a beer? Or drinking hard shit? Come on, fuckin boyscout…

  • Comment from weisen


  • Comment from Kasper

    chiefin greens is mentioned in songs all the time…if its in the music…might as well be in the videos

  • Comment from jj

    häh that dude looks like damon dash…

    hehe funny vid!

  • Comment from jj

    omg it is damon dash (i asked google)

  • Comment from AMAru

    @ shaun: thank you man, this is what i was just about to say..
    people are like offended and get all sensitive about others smokin weed. so what? I don’t see any difference in drinkin alcohol just as you stated. this is a huge problem in society, marijuana is prohibited yes, but I don’t see any reason why, alcohol and tobacco are drugs as well… let em smoke, and prejudge just because they do what they do.

  • two of the greatest right there!

  • Comment from shado

    Amen brothers! This video ain’t about smoking weed, you need to rewatch this shit 😉 Peace

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