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German rapper Bushido is collaborating with DJ Premier

German-Tunisian gangsta rapper Bushido staying this week with DJ Desue in New York to collaborate with DJ Premier. Bushido is a very known and controversy artist from Germany. He rhymes in his own language. Wassup with all those €€€uropean collabos with Preem, love it… Premier is very wanted over here… I’m looking forward, and DJ Desue: I see you bro!

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48 Responses to “German rapper Bushido is collaborating with DJ Premier”

  • Comment from d.fusion

    lol, i just read on some gossip side something about bushido and being in new york… and now this… collabo with preemo.
    what a waste of beat this is going to be. out of all german mcs hes picking bushido, i hope this does not happen… why not afrob, samy like dilla did, or even better curse, blumentopf or beginner

  • Comment from CenzoBeatz

    i’m from germany, this dude used to make gangsta rap, but nowadays he’s pretty much mainstream. this is an example of how this collabo could sound like:

    it’s almost impossible to make a wack song out of a premier production, so i really hope bushido tries to step his game up cause the last couple of years the hip hop scene in germany laught at him. he had great success in the mainstream and a lot of teenager fans without hip hop background.

    if you ask me: it’s nothing wrong if dj premier makes some international money. get that €uro’s premo! 😀

  • Comment from SirBiatch

    the best foreign-Premo collab of all time has to go to Zeebra. That “Untouchable” beat is just amazing, and Zeebra slays it.

    All of Preme’s foreign collabs should be of that caliber. Even if I can’t understand your words, I should still appreciate your spits and feel like you’re killing it.

  • Comment from Noah

    Premo disappoints me……..Bushido has distanced himself from Hip Hop culture explicitely many times. He makes fun of People how got love for hip hop rather than rap…moreover he hurts a lot of people`s feelings with his rhymes which are against the dignity of man…….wake up Hip Hop its all about money….

    Phat Gary only wants a “Phat Check” …..not the first time….I expienced it at first hand

    “The real….hip hop, hip hop…..” isn’t that what Premo screams at concerts??….well, not this time Preem!!

  • Comment from zach

    @ Noah I don’t know what u experienced but I know somebody who didn’t have a too good experience with Phat Gary neither….that guy is still waiting for an adequate answer from him….and he is real hip hop….also a German rapper…..

    Lol Bushido should play his song “Nie ein rapper” (translated: Never been a rapper) at HQ Lol

  • Comment from Zulu1

    This is a big joke. All the years Bushido used to
    diss backpackers and the HipHop mindstate of the late 90s –
    and now he is doing tracks with Premo.
    LOL at the top of my lungues, BuBu is such a flag in the wind.

  • Comment from Zasit

    Ok! I’m from Germany, too and I’m so excited about this news 🙂 Wouldn’t have expected it but it’s going to be great! I’m sure! I’m not a fan of german rap at all really but you gotta admit Bushido is doing his thing!

    @ d.fusion: What’s so wrong about Bushido? He has a dark gutter style – he’d fit a Premo-Beat! And Afrob or Samy – please…

    @ CenzoBeatz: Bushido/Premo-Mix sounds nice! 🙂

    I’m looking forward!

  • Comment from yourhighnez

    BUSHIDO ISN’T GERMAN HIPHOP!!! if anybody translate the rhymes…. premo…. u have to laugh about it!!!


  • Comment from Dj Damage

    If preemo makes some beat for European artists is just because this guy’s are skilled and preem are open its all, so looking over your feets

  • Bushido is an overrated rapper( only rich 15 year old girls listen to him and disillusioned people) . most of the things he says are lies.
    most of the people who grew up with him hate him now cause hes a faker. moreover I think its sad that such a faker gets a Premo(!!!) beat smh

  • Comment from gus2toe

    must be kiddin’… give it to morlock dilemma but not that crackhead bushido…dj desue is alright, but bushido is a bitch as wigga…faybaw!!!

  • Comment from Cedifra

    I agree with most of the posts. this is a very sad day for Hip-Hop. Bushido never showed any respect towards the hip-hip culture at all. He is commercialized and his fans are mostly teenagers that will never understand the value of artists like premo, gangstar, masta ace, Edo g, … I also agree that its hard to make a preemo beat sound bad and I m not saying that bushido does not have skill. He is just not real, it’s not Hip-Hop. This is just my opinion. Sad sad day…

  • Comment from Da Illest

    That’s great that Primo does European collabs but at least don’t waste good beats on wack artists but they’re the ones to have bread so…..

  • Comment from mick

    please no more german , french rappers or any other euro rappers

  • Comment from clement

    sad to see how people are racist here…
    god damn, this the hip hop culture…
    sharing music, have fun.. germans, frenchs, russians make effort to learn english for understand us hip hop, why you don’t, maybe you can understand how hard worldwide people live in these countrys, there is much fucktop places in berlin, paris, madrid…poverty is everywhere but the hope is not here, you got small minds…
    preem takes money ? right …
    who’s not?
    primo got a good openmind…
    he’s a legend and he ever take care of unknow artists…
    i like the zeebra track, the teryaki boys track or the venom remix…
    hip hop is worldwide…

  • Comment from Dj Damage

    @mick : who u are ? plz tell me, just an hater ? u know what ? preemo dont read ur shit man 🙂 kiss goodbye

  • Comment from AMAru

    i guess we all know preem’s doin this outta financial reasons.. but put it this way, we can be excited about a new banger, plus all these wannabe hip hop fans will get to know about a true hip hop legend
    i was mad when i first heard about this and immediately asked preem via twitter if it’s true, and he confirmed it
    im excited tho..

  • Comment from Dick B.

    Stop wasting the beats Preem!

  • Comment from MagicSoul

    Bushido is wack, hes the most sucessful rapper in germany, and he cannot rhyme, talks bullshit, wack straight up.
    but i guess preem can make some extra dollars, so its a good thing.

  • Comment from jj

    “it’s all about the money”


    premo you do what you have to do, youre not familiar with the german hip hop scene, so i forgive you this time!

  • Comment from oh my.....

    is that what it’s sound like?

    never heard of this dude but even i don’t understand shit this sounds pretty good! do yours and get ’em euros preem!!!

  • Comment from F:U:K


  • Comment from mick

    fucking right i am a hater , i hate the state of hip hop , it’s been going down hill since 1996. premo is one few people keeping hip hop alive , so i don’t like to hear him wasting beats on some bullshit german rapper when he could be giving beats to mc’s like oc , j live , el da sensei , ghostface.

  • Comment from han zulu

    don’t know what to say; Bushido is whack, that’s a fact and it’s really upsetting for me to see preemo making a production for such a fake rapper

  • Comment from Moe

    no way.. not bushido.. one out of many clowns in german hip-hop.

    he should rather be makin beats for huss & hodn 🙂

  • Comment from blackbyte

    just for the money…!!!!!!!!

    cause bushido is one of the wackest rapper in germany!!!!!!!

  • Comment from AlterMann

    Yes, Bushido is whack, but you can´t expect that Premo is familiar with the german hip hop scene.

    A premo beat for huss und hodn? Nah, Retrogott is cool and all that but he lacks the necessary energy for the hardcore boom bap.

    However, I agree with SirBiatch because Zeebra just killed it! I love this track.

  • Comment from cooley

    It’s obvious……

    Preem claimed that he “at least” wanted to know what a foreign Mc raps, or was about…..I don’t believe that he knows what Bushido is all about.(I`m German) It got nothing to do with European Mc’s blah blah……His manager just “checked” it and forwarded the request….c’mon son this ain’t Disney World…and Santa ain#t comming to town….It’s MONEY!!!!!!!!…..and yes…surprise….even the great Dj Premier fell victim for it… and if it wasn’t him in the first place…it was his “team”, his manager……
    This is music in our modern day and time……

    “reputation is the cornerstone of power” (that is what Preem’s tatoo says)

    Well Bushido got a lot of power here in Germany…..but if you build your game on whar people say….
    You`re half the man I thought You was!!!!


  • Comment from Rick

    @ cooley Lol WORD UP…..someone gotta say the truth!!!! Like U, I got no hate …..but your words are true!!!!

    Wish there were more of your kind!!!!

  • Comment from ulique

    Word is bond!!!!! I know Bushido….He used to make fun of real hip Hoppers… he`s buying a Premo beat like a rich russian buys a diamond for his wifey (I’m of russian origin, so Please no racist claims..LOL!)

    Isn’t it ironic????

  • Comment from ickebinz

    if u think bushido isn’t backpack.. u should listen 2 the “mixeryrawdeluxe” interview with fler on “”.

    F!CK HATER !!!!

  • Comment from F:U:K

  • Comment from Ski

    lol … this is like that DJ Premier work’s with Rick Ross.

    I’M VERY VERY disappointed!

    Greetz from Germany, Munich

  • Comment from Piniger

    don´t like the concept: real rap meets a gimmick.

  • Comment from d.fusion

    @ zasir:
    yes bushido is doing his thing… but it has nothing to do with the hiphop culture most of us here come from and luv.
    u dont like afrob samy, then u got a problem. you probably dont even know this but back in the days they used to kill those desue beats that very premier-ish.
    keep listening to kiddy-rap and stop frontin on ppl who even made raw hiphop popular in germany. i know these are just some of the more known artists and theres even more vetterans one, but if you dont even respect these kind of guys i couldnt care less of your opinion.

    plus i highly doubt premier is giving him a good beat. probably just some throwaway track thats layin around for ages…

  • Comment from jj

    one more thing i have to say is that premo isn’t that guy anymore who wants to keep it really underground… he kept it 100% in the 90’s but the game has changed especially his style and work ethics.

    and why not earning some extra cash?

    i don’t like bushido, i mean i wouldn’t buy any of his albums but bushdio and premo are adult persons and i can’t tell them what they have to do and what not.

  • Comment from Sanny


  • Comment from Zasit

    @d.fusion: I didn’t expect anyone to be offended by my comment, sorry if u do. But please don’t offend me neither. It’s not my thing to front on people on the net.

    Like I said: I’m not a Bushido-Fan but I don’t hate him neither. I just think it’s an interesting collab.

    I also “come from the HipHop-culture” as u said. But in the days of Justin Bieber/Raekwon and Premier/Aguilera collabs and songs like Premo’s “My Style Remix” for the Black Eyed Peas I dont have high expectations any more and it’s not so easy to disappoint me any more, you know?

    Also ich hoffe, alles is gut.. Beste Grüße 😉

  • Comment from diggydas

    true dat, its like premo producing for rick ross!

    he did it just to get a…… cheque

    (yes im german, yes bushido sucks in a way i cant find any words for)

  • Comment from ShlomoGoldmann


    It’s not about backpack or not. It’s about real Hip Hop.
    Don’t confuse me with that gangster or backpack.

  • Comment from T.R.

    WHYYYYYY?! If there wouldn’t be a picture of the CD with Premier’s handwriting on it, I would bet that this is a goddamn Joke!

  • Comment from Dee Kay

    My world collapsed. 8[

  • Comment from elmundi

    Please, don’t do it! Pick someone else!

  • Comment from P Iam P

    EVERYBODY WHO LIKES DJ PREMIER; HATES BUSHIDO ( MOFCUKIN FAKE FAGGOT No.1) Aber Als ob , IHR BEHINDERTEN, Blumentop und Curse und so es drauf haben würden um mit premo zu arbeiten, Ihr BItch ASs Mothafucka

  • Comment from seyo

    bushido is the best known rapper in europe, together with booba. And he has got lots of haters. And these m’fuck*ng b*tches wirtes theire comments here.

    All American, dont listen to them, bushido is the king of europe, and he is real.

  • Comment from True-School

    oh no premo,so many good german rappers but u pick bushido,that was a big mistake,that faggot sucks…..sorry but this is sad…..this guy got no flow & nothing to do with the real true shit….

  • Comment from Mr X

    I bless Allah for Premos talent and open mind! Im a big fan since 1989 and still cant get enough! Please more works with indie artists, major artists and international artists!

    Und an alle Deutschen hier: Wie kann man nur so verbohrt sein? So einen grossen Stock im Arsch haben? Ihr sprecht vom “echten” HipHop und habt keine Ahnung was HipHop ueberhaubt ist!

  • Comment from Playerhaterhater

    You all fcking haters!! Fuk all ya!! I m Not a Fan of bushido but thats the biggest Move for German HipHop EVER!!! None off the German rappers ever fuked with premo or swizz! Maybe he s the only One who got the Chips to get a Premo but at the end off a Day it s a good Look for Germany! And i think the Track could Be nice! Ich Hass die hackfresse schweinsteiger auch trotzdem is er n Weltklasse Fußballer!

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