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DJ Premier & Pete Rock Visits DD172 Part 2

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6 Responses to “DJ Premier & Pete Rock Visits DD172 Part 2”

  • Comment from Gbrown44

    It’s always a pleasure to see these dudes chopping it up… Seeing Ski and Dame in the back is an added bonus…

  • Awesome stuff! I just recently started up my own dj service business as well. Good luck and keep mixing those beats!

  • Good shit.

    Yo Mister Jenkins, just peeped yoar site… Why did you have to post a pic of the needle on a lame Serato record? AT LEAST post a pic of the needle on a REAL record, even if you do use Serato. Jeez!

  • Comment from rollo

    its weird to see dame humbled and shit….he used to be flossing and yelling for like 10 years…now reality has struck, he begged jay-z for money and he’s acting like a man of the people with his little pro tools setup exploiting clueless rock cats…..

  • Comment from Hot Line 666

    @rollo pro tools? that isht that NIKO. The machine with an ACID PRO inside LOL.

  • Comment from John

    daaaaaaamn, what is the name of first track? the beat is bangin’! anyone can help me? cheerz!

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