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El Gant – You Ain’t This (Feat. Bekay) (Produced by DJ Iron)

In support to my Belgian friends I post this dope track they produced with El Gant & Bekay, it’s now available as a limited 300 copies vinyl release. Check it out, you can hear the remixes here.

Those who like it and want a copy (for a low price) should send an email to David:

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4 Responses to “El Gant – You Ain’t This (Feat. Bekay) (Produced by DJ Iron)”

  • Comment from FubiZz

    besides the cuts, this is not what i classify as preemish, so simple (which i fittingly posted when what i gonna be from m.o.p. dropped) more likely comes near to that, my 2 cents

  • Comment from gimantalon

    oh shit, ofc you saw it :P. i didn’t knew what to pick as catagory so i picked the less used one haha. nah, it’s isn’t preemish, it’s just some promotion. you should do the preemish section or hook me up with some preemish joints FubiZz


  • Comment from FubiZz

    ah i see, yeah no real category for it. Aiht, i could work on the preemish section, have a lot in petto. I’ll hit u up after this weekend 🙂

  • Comment from gimantalon

    cool, love to see more preemish!

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