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Nick Javas – Anonymous (Feat. Khaleel) (Radio Rip)

Produced by DJ Premier, from his upcoming album “Destination Unknown”.

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9 Responses to “Nick Javas – Anonymous (Feat. Khaleel) (Radio Rip)”

  • Comment from Anonymous

    come on son, this shit is hilarious……………..

  • Comment from criticizingisnothating

    love the subject matter,Nick’s rhymes were on point the beat isn’t something that will get stuck in your head though. Kahleel seemed off like maybe the songs concept wasn’t something he could write too or it was too complexed.

  • Comment from Anonymous2

    Finally a good track…….


  • Comment from iffy

    Yeeaa this is sick man. Nick Javas bringing a fresh vibe to hip hop

  • Comment from ib2quik2c

    No anonymous tough talk here: Nick Javas is the shit!


  • Comment from yoyo

    Nick Javas is DOPE.. but the beat was a bit boring. Would have loved it if it sounded more like a 70s breakbeat.. this shit sounds too new and clean. And Khaleel sounds corny IMO.

  • This is dope!! Can’t wait for the “Destination Unknown” album. And it’ll be on vinyl too!

  • Comment from Sammy

    Nick Javas is ILL, saw him perform two nights ago…dl his album at…i’m feelin it

  • Comment from Nick Javas

    I appreciate the love everyone. Except for you “Anonymous 2”. Lol. And don’t be talkin about my eyebrows neither!

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