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Nick Javas – Destination Unknown Album Sampler (Hosted by DJ Premier)

Taken from the “Detour” mixtape, now available at!

Also from the “Detour” mixtape:
Nick Javas – One Of Them Days (Destination Unknown Teaser)

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13 Responses to “Nick Javas – Destination Unknown Album Sampler (Hosted by DJ Premier)”

  • Comment from Dick B.

    Tight for the most part, except the last two songs on the sampler. One Of Them Days is so tight. OMG beat, so simple yet different, almost Dilla/Slum Village sounding.

  • Comment from AMAru

    don’t feel the last 2 tracks at all, just not my taste, the third track sounds cool, “destination unknown” and “anonymous” is known already.., i guess these haven’t been the best tracks tho, i’m mostly excited about “doomsday” with R59..
    “one of them days” is crazy, love these leftfield premo beats, so dope..

  • Comment from FubiZz

    exactly! yeah, …exactly the weak fucking wackass club shit beats we expected! hahahaha… well done Nick, you know how you make us underground heads = the people that listen to your music in 1st place, bounce haha yeah common everybody, BOUNCE to the synthesizer sounds.. hoooray!

    why did i even listen to this shit then???


  • Comment from Maza

    It kinda…. ya know??
    is Preemo programming dirty south style beats??
    the information i had is – 100 percent Preemo beats on that album.
    Thats not what the 2teaser tracks are showing….

  • Comment from Breeze

    Album sampler? Does this mean we will be getting this sooner rather than later?

  • Comment from WSJ

    If I was Preem and had his talent, I would handle production for all my artists. That is what the fans truly want anyway. Once Preemo produces 1 or 2 tracks on an album, the bar suddenly raises. If other producers cant meet that bar then the album sounds imbalanced in my opinion. Best if premier just stays off the album or produces the whole darn thing lol…….Case and point, the club joints, just not filling those tracks based on the expecation I heard/laid down by premier.

  • Comment from Maed

    what about the Get Used To Us compilation? Will it finally be released on CD/DVD? What about the NYGz album? Will it ever be released?
    I’m tired of waiting, Preem. Pleeease, I’m beggin’you, release those beasts!!
    Does anyone know anything about the compilation and the NYGz album? I know that the compilation has been released digitally, but fuck that, I gotta cop it on CD, I gotta hold that in my hands!!

  • Comment from Maed

    Gim, do you have any idea about those?

  • Comment from mick


  • Comment from Santini

    Are we really interested in Nick Javas or just waiting for some new Premier Beats? Nick is kinda boring to me…

  • Comment from yoyo

    I have to admit I’m a bit disappointed..

    2 last beats are horrible.. NOT the sound Premier fans are into. And who are gonna buy a Nick Javas LP? DJ PREMIER FANS!… so bring us more shit like One Of Them Days because that’s the fucking craziest dopest shit I’ve heard since Afu-Ra – Defeat, MOP – Warriorz LP and Pitch Black – It’s All Real!!!



    At least get some dope beats for the tracks that aren’t Premier.. you gotta have the same production quality like on the Big L, Afu-Ra, and MOP albums from 2000! Nottz, Pete Rock, Alchemist??

    At least release a 12″ of One Of Them Days. It’s crazy!

  • Comment from yoyo

    but lyric wise.. it’s dope as always!.. just don’t use wack beats please!

    like on the mixtape.. Baldin is hilarious!! Great flip, but it’s a funny song.. don’t make serious songs over beats like that, cause Premier fans really hate that sound!

    Just my opinion!

  • Comment from Espen

    I bought the mixtape. But where do I download?

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