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Bahamadia Announces Fourth Album “HERE” With Possible DJ Premier Collabo

Bahamadia has announced her upcoming fourth album HERE, dropping in late Summer or Fall. The LP, releasing via her B-Girl Records shingle, will feature a guest appearance from Foreign Exchange and will feature production from UK duo Ty & Drew, as well as several up-and-coming beatsmiths.

“HERE is an offering of quality, purpose driven hip hop music available for consumption to anyone seeking an alternative to what’s currently being exploited,” she told “The entire project I believe showcases my artistic evolution. HERE is intended to be experienced as a collective body of work. Every song included on it is impacting. I opt to allow supporters of my movement to express how my music affects them. The response will vary I am sure.”

In addition to Ty & Drew, the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania rapper is in talks with DJ Premier to lend his production touch to the project. “[I] am currently in discussion with Premier who is just as excited as I to reunite creatively,” said Baha, noting that she’s contemplating a tribute to Guru on the LP. “Am undecided. Maybe, though.”

The album marks her first release since 2006’s Good Rap Music, a delay that she explains is typical. “Since I began creating full-length projects professionally if you’ve noticed there’s usually a 4-5 lapse between each release,” she continued. “During those time lapses I am blessed to tour internationally, evolve artistically, and live my life basically. From a business standpoint did some revamping started my own label B-Girl Records finally.”

In staying true to her organic, jazz-inflected sound, Baha reflected on the current state of hip-hop.

“First and foremost I consider myself to be an eclectic artist. During the time of my official introduction to the industry of music my sound while ‘organic’ in nature was diverse and still is today,” she continued. “The jazz influence was reflective of my musical taste hence direction at one point seemingly more common practice for me because jazz elements complimented cadences being explored. Besides Gang Starr, Tribe, Freestyle Fellowship, The Roots and a few others many facets of incorporating jazz had yet to be implemented in hip hop song format masterfully. The state of hip hop music and culture overall is what it is. I am hopeful the near future will bring about balance as it relates to adequate exposure for ALL practitioners within our global artistic community.”

As for what comes after HERE’s release, she plans on keeping up with her philanthropic work and fleshing out business ideas. “I was created to do music in this life so definitely will be involved with it in some form or another until my time on earth expires,” she stated. “Have become heavily involved in working with disenfranchised youth as well as continuing to hone my entrepreneurial skills through various ventures.”


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