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WEDNESDAY CLASSICS: Live On Hot 97 (01/05/1997)

DJ Premier – Live On Hot 97 (01/05/1997)

From time to time I’ll try to do another Wednesday Classic, enjoy like I did!! We go back in time… Straight from cassette tape!

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3 Responses to “WEDNESDAY CLASSICS: Live On Hot 97 (01/05/1997)”

  • Comment from Alex Caliber


    This is sick, takes me back, i remember every track on here.
    Just wanted to say thanks for this and this site in general, please if possible post some more of these old Premo radio shows.
    I’m in London, i don’t listen to the radio much anymore but this takes me back to the days when i’d be hearing these tunes on Tim Westwoods show over here.

    Much love from England

  • Comment from Gunnar Jam

    Aw man nothing but real memories. These tracks I use to hear on the radio as a kid.

  • Comment from Mei

    Omg!!! Finally i found the song that i’ve been looking for.
    But i don’t know the title of the song that is after better days by 3rd degree around 18mins.
    Somebody please let me know!

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