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DJ Premier Doing The Remix For Eminem & Royce de 5’9″ Single “Writers Block”

At 5 min.

Eminem talks DJ Premier here at 64min.

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6 Responses to “DJ Premier Doing The Remix For Eminem & Royce de 5’9″ Single “Writers Block””

  • Comment from Trpe

    Cant wait to hear preemo’s work xD RIP Guru

  • Comment from Eminemsuckspoprapdick

    Utter wackness, why would DJ Premier waste a good beat on that whiny, wack, pop rap dick sucking cornball?…just give the beat to Royce.

  • Comment from ib2quik2c

    Eminem speaks more on the possibility of working with Preme on the new Juan Epstein podcast: at 64:49

  • Comment from @Eminemsuckspoprapdick

    wow this is just such a stupid comment.. first of all, he IS givin the beat to royce, since it’s nickel’s original single, em is featured on it.. and anybody who does not want to hear eminem on a premier beat should question himself.. eminem is one of the best spitters out there (i dont care about sales, popularity etc.), if you don’t admit it you’re either deaf, ignorant or a kid that is just mad that a white dude is one of the most acknowledged emcees in hip hop. gtfoh, an eminem/premo collabo is one of the most overdue things in music history, that’s a fact..
    i hope he’ll get an original beat from premier, tailored especially for em..

  • Comment from hatepeople

    @ Eminemsuckspoprapdick : go kill yourself along with your favorite artist Ricky Ross and Lil Wayne…You’re probably just mad because he’s white and you like bullshit ignorant shit like Wacka Flocka..Trust me you wont be missed, the world is already over populated.

  • Comment from Eminemsuckspoprapdick

    LMFAO I hate all of that wack shit and you are fronting hard if you think that your so called dope Rap hero is not like Lil Wayne, Rick Ross etc…he is a whiny, annoying clown that has made some really corny and bullshit gimmicky records and speaking of gimmicks, I hear he has dissed Lady Gaga and Justin Beiber which is hilarious because the same fans listen to his bullshit pop rap atrocities.

    It’s so funny that 2 of you wack fucks said I hate him because he is white, I am white myself you dumb knuckleheads…I hate him because he is over rated trash and always has been.

    I HOPE DJ Premier NEVER laces him with a beat.

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