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Update: Amazon Released A False Tracklist Of Royce Upcoming Album

Tracklist for Royce upcoming album revealed. Looks like it will be dropping August 9th. There’s a few notable features:

1. Second Place (Feat. Method Man & Raekwon) (Prod. by DJ Premier)
2. I Ain’t Coming Down
3. Legendary (Feat. Travis Barker) (Prod. by Eminem)
4. Security
5. On the Blvd. (Feat. Adonis)
6. Where My Money At
7. I’ve Been Up
8. Merry Go Round (Feat. Yelawolf)
9. Writer’s Block (Feat. Eminem)
10. My Own Planet (Feat. Joe Budden)
11. ER (Feat. Kid Vishis)
12. Writer’s Block (DJ Premier Remix) (Feat. 50 Cent) (Prod. by DJ Premier)

Amazon with the source so it should be legit… LOL YES!

Update: The tracklist is fake. Wow, this is the first time Amazon did that. Now we know something more about Amazon don’t we? I already thought it was strange because DJ Premier told us 2days ago he was trying to get Busta or 50 on the remix so it didn’t happen yet. But then again, I believe Amazon always because they sell shit and can’t afford to do something fake because money is involved… Damn!

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8 Responses to “Update: Amazon Released A False Tracklist Of Royce Upcoming Album”

  • Comment from anor

    everything looks fine except of 8 track. why the fuck he collaborates with that whack yelawolf

  • Comment from JB

    Is that supposed to be Royce’s Bentley in front of the bank? lol

  • Comment from Dom Santini

    I don’t know why and i never thought this could happen, but all these news bore me. Even the Track with Mef and Raek – i’m sceptic nowadays. Drop that NYGz Shit – do some real Premier-Family-Biz
    instead of all those remixes and shit… 50 Cent – pfffffff!

  • Comment from markymark

    but didn’t we already hear “2nd place” and there was no method man or raekwon on it???

  • Comment from Funkee

    NO 50 cent please, dude is WACK. mainstream shit.. (now if it aint fake)

  • Comment from Stefan 136

    Yeah, the Second Place leak was solo but that doesn’t mean dudes can’t be on the album version, like Crooked got on Gun Harmonizing for Street Hop. The solo version is ill but I wouldn’t Rae and Meth on it at ALL!

    Daaaamn, the news of a Writer’s Block (DJ Premier remix) with 50 got me BUGGIN. “We the same cuz… I’m probably about to fall out with a Young Buck while I attempt to fuck the fucking GAME up”, looove that line and 50 on the remix would have been cold as hell.

    Too bad it was fake, but who knows. Hope they go down anyway.

  • Comment from Santini

    What tha fuck, amazon?! LOL! But i meant it for real – 50 Cent or not (something like Bushi in Germany) – Preems beats were not really used for tracks i listen to last times. I’m peepin’ this blog every day but only for the real hiphop i know dj premier for.
    He always used to say he feels like a third member of M.O.P. … Damn, the 90’s are way back 😀 They should have been the first sign to Year Round Records besides Poet & NYGz.

  • Comment from hip hop is a zombie

    @ JB:

    this is a rolls royce you fool!! hope you dont have to be told why they’ve chosen this car…

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