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DJ Premier Hints On Working With Nas For His Upcoming Album?

DJ Premier stopped by last night at “Rap Is Outta Control” show to tell us this:

Props to wicked22.

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7 Responses to “DJ Premier Hints On Working With Nas For His Upcoming Album?”

  • Good shit Gim. I really hope somethin will finally happen with Nas & Preem… And imagine if we got a whole album?! Shit would be crazy! I can’t wait for KRS-One & DJ Premier with Return Of The Boom Bip late this year or next year. Hiphop is NOT dead!

  • Comment from ILLFiL A BLuNT

    Yea definitely hiphop was never dead nas was proving a a point

    Krs releases albums every year of course hiphop can’t be dead

    I ain’t gon lie tho, 1 primo track ain’t enuff for me I want 3.

  • Comment from who shot john

    if preemo and nas keep playing this game, eveutally people will stop giving a shit about them collaborating. And yes, I agree, one preem track is not enough. If you give me one track by preem and 5 more produced by lil chuckee, then the album is not worth a purchase for me.

    I mean what the hell has nas been thinking all these years. every dope producer from 9th wonder to pete rock wants to work with this guy. What does he do??, pick beats from tone dawg…..never heard of him??…..yeah me niether….. It took these guys this long to hint working together, now it will take preem 10 more years just to do the damn beat….

  • Y’all are some fuckin complainers. *shaking head* Lighten the fuck up! You act like this shit impacts yoar life in a big way or some shit. haha If its only 1 track, sure, I’ll be disappointed, but 1 track is better then no track, bitchez! Just sayin…

  • Comment from krome

    I want at least 3 tracks from premo and at least one from Pete rock and/or large pro

  • Been tapping the vein for this.. It seems like they had a misunderstanding and have cleared it up now… Lets get it going..

  • Comment from DJ Guttah

    Still waiting. Won’t believe it until I see it.

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