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Pete Rock & Smiff-N-Wessun Discuss DJ Premier vs Dr. Dre

Pete Rock has it right!

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9 Responses to “Pete Rock & Smiff-N-Wessun Discuss DJ Premier vs Dr. Dre”

  • Comment from FubiZz

    in other words: Premier is the best.

  • Comment from Peace

    WTF, they talkin about the chronic like it’s only dre big realisation?
    go back listen to NWA before even daz or dj quik or any other producer was known, and u’ll hear a pure genius doing his thing.. then switch the chronic era and go directly to the marshall mathers lp and u’ll hear a whole other style but the same perfection as always.. swith this eminem era and go listen to get rich or die tryin.. go listen to the burt bacharach album..
    Dr. Dre is the best producer “that is or that ever will be..” he was able to refressh his style so many times and still keep it hot and still PRODUCE big classic albums! dj premier may be a better beat maker, and i think that he is, but dre is by far the GOAT at producing

  • Comment from Peace

    no disrespect to the dj premier or his fans, i’m just saying what i think

  • Comment from Mufro

    Premo hands down, he’s never made a wack or boring beat. Dre has made LOADS and continues to make them =P Dre’s been on the slide for years.

  • Comment from Doublz

    I think its a matter of preference for most people. Coming from Chicago most so-called thug dudes was listening to west coast gangsta rap. I’ve always gravitated to east coast because I like that gritty funky sound with heavy baselines. The early G-funk sound was too laid back and pimped out for me and Dre’s new stuff just doesn’t grab my attention. I don’t have to know where a producer is from, if the music is dope then it’s just dope. I go with Primo 100%. Dre is OK but I ain’t never bought nothing he produced.

  • Comment from HugoStrange

    im gonna have to go with premo, while sending absolutely no disrespect to dre, im gonna be truthful, dre has made pleeenty of wack beats and the whole westcoast style of music all just sounds the same these days, just synthesizers and more synthesizers. On the other hand we have premo, some may say dre has adapted his style for the times, well premos raw gritty style has changed, but it hasn’t had to change that much because what he was doin back in the day was hot, and it still remains contemporary today, the thing about premo is, it just seems he has gotten better rather than really change his style. also, premos does the most complicated sample flips! dayyyyyuuuumm haha anyways! peace

  • Comment from Dick B.

    This a laughable comparison to me. It’s really not even close. DJ Premier’s body of work has more quality and quantity.

  • Comment from Tha N

    Tired of this question being asked on these interviews because all you ever get is a bunch of non-answers like “two different styles” etc. like they’re afraid picking one is going to set off a beef.

    you can see it in these guys eyes that they don’t even want to answer what they really think.

    same when they talk about the young cats ruining hip hop. nobody mentions names. grow a fucking set and call out lil wayne, soulja boy, anyone from the south, whoever. these guys don’t really like that shit!

  • Comment from RealsHipHop!!!

    Not Even Close, Primo is the GOAT!!! Id take Pete Rock over Dre anyday aswell!!!

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