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Royce da 5’9″ – Writer’s Block (Feat. Eminem) (DJ Premier Remix) (Radio Rip)

Eminem finally on a DJ Premier produced beat!! We bring you the radio rip, enjoy:


This remix is available on the Deluxe iTunes Version of Royce upcoming album “Succes Is Certain” out 9th of August, support!

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38 Responses to “Royce da 5’9″ – Writer’s Block (Feat. Eminem) (DJ Premier Remix) (Radio Rip)”

  • Comment from Michael88

    Hulkshare link don´t work… Nice track by the way…

  • Comment from yoyo

    The horns are nice, but this just sounds noisy to me. Too much going on at the same time.

  • Comment from North Trenton

    I was expecting this Remix to be almost like a Jeru The Damaja Gang Starr M.O.P. type beat. This track is alright.

  • Comment from HaHi

    Lets be honest, the original is little better…

  • Comment from AmaHussla

    i was so hyped when I first heard about preem remixing it, cuz I wanted to hear em spittin on a preem beat, until I realized that he’s just doin the hook 🙁
    anyway, the track is dope..

  • Comment from SirBiatch

    this is weak. Cmon Preem fans, you know it’s weak. Don’t dress it up because you love Premo. I love Premo too, but this right here is weak. Let’s keep it real.

  • Comment from grip$

    word….i was expecting alot more with royce, em and premo….i love premo, and i was expecting something better……its decent, but em should of did a verse, and there should def be scratch hook……did anyone rip or hear the full apathy ft celph song? i guess premo played that to.

  • Comment from BK's Finest

    No I like this one a lot… Way better than the original but I would prefer MOP or Tef on it…

  • Comment from polo249

    not the best premo beat i ever heard but still better than most…as for eminem he sounds dreadful! thanks for the link

  • Comment from Phil

    Better than the original … but a little bit too repetitive. The loop isn’t strong enough to carry the track.

  • Comment from Rob

    This is a disappointing track coming from Premo. It might grow on me a little bit, but it’s getting to the point where you can’t even expect a Premo beat to have that “hard hitting boom bap” sound he used to piss like water years ago. Premo still is the best producer and can still produce that sound, but it’s to the fact he’s evolved and that classic Premo sound isn’t put out like it was.

    There was a point where Premo would disappoint me once in a blue moon, if I saw a new Premo track, you just knew it was going to be fire! I never listened to the original of this and just assumed Eminem would have a verse, and it’s just the hook. I just figured the whole hype of the track was that Eminem would have a verse over a Premo beat.

  • Comment from Bronx Steele

    Sorry to say but this is not Preemo’s best…..

  • Comment from Rick

    I must agree to most of the above: This is ok…nothin more nothin’ less!!!! Seems like he has become a lil`bit lazy….or too comfortable!!!

  • Comment from Maza

    Haha yall fellas is crazy, i guess yall should go listen souja boy, maybe you think dirty south beats are more elaborated..

    For me?
    The beat is dope, itz funny how preem can make simple beats, but so catchy!
    love the beat, sounds like a funk track, with that preeemo grooove!

    And Eminem i hate his wack moskito voice! Even drake has skills…

  • Comment from DJ Guttah

    Sample is nice, the drums arent….

    The drums don’t sound like Premo at all….

    You better stop posting this weak nonsense before I start loosing faith in Premo. If there’s any Premo shit you feel like posting, post the NYGz shit….

    Please….before I stop coming to this website…

  • Comment from rekersck

    definitely NOT a primo sounding beat, cmon wtf is this

  • Comment from Mick

    Eminem sucks

  • Comment from case

    why is it in every interview premo is desperately trying to reach out to all the platinum artists(nas,jay z,em,drake, kanye etc)yet when he gets the opportunity he submits a beat like this or the Kanye jj beat,then gets upset if they dont use it,with half arsed beats like this, its little wonder his production is not featured on their official releases.

  • Comment from yoyo

    btw wtf is this:

  • Comment from Al

    100% real garbage !!

  • Comment from Rob

    I love people like Maza who post stupid shit like “go listen to soulja boy”. So I should go listen to Soulja Boy because god forbid somebody didn’t like a DJ Premier beat, grow the fuck up and realize this world has more than one opinion, and yours isn’t more valuable than anybody elses. Go lisen to Soulja Boy? that was one of the stupidest commenst I’ve read in a while. So now everyone knows according to MAZA, if you don’t like this one beat, you should go listen to Soulja Boy apparently according to his genius logic

  • Comment from Maza

    no @Rob
    i listen to dj premier tracks for about, 18 years. I know how he sound, i understand his music.
    I understand also the sample has a personal meaning, for example a dope record that people gotta look for it, to make the motown music live for ever.
    what i am saying is that, yall, fans since i dont know man, cant appreciate real PREEMO shit.

    how many of yall understand a beat like THE PLACE WE DWELL, PLAYTAWAIN, MOSTLY THE VOICE, BREAKER ONE, H. Stax – Get It In(with some nice eletronic leads), Chi-ali….

    when i say go listen soulja boy, what i am saying is maybe if yall cant feel Dj Premier s track…
    something is wrong?
    this is what he do! real dj music, sampling, RARE DRUMS, nice groove and room for the rapper rock the track.

    every body has the right to criticize, but what are yall doing, pushing-down on Preemo?
    club music is brainwash everybody, yall shoud look back and understand better his music, before judge is not good.

    The beat is good, as good as SKYZOO AND TORAE, GET IT DONE.

  • Comment from DJ Guttah

    Seriously man I’m so disappointed. I was expecting some Golden Child shit, like some funky but raw shit since Eminem would sound good on a beat like Golden Child.

    This shit is weak and man I can’t believe this is a Premo beat.

  • Comment from SirBiatch

    Maza, you talk like a dickrider.

    You can’t like a track just because it contains samples and ‘rare drums’. That’s like liking a spaghetti dish just because it has spaghetti in it.

    You might be that basic, but we aint. It’s the ingredients PLUS how it’s put together. This beat is lackluster sauce (lol). Ingredients are weak and the overall dish sucks.

    Saying it’s as good as “Get It Done” means that you don’t know what you’re talking about.

  • Comment from rollo

    this sounds like a daily operation interlude….not a full beat. Preme need to go digging for some fresh records son!!! His sampling getting stale.

    Or if he has em in his collection already…use em!

  • Comment from Rob

    So now all of the sudden as a result of not liking this one track according to MAZA “we can’t really appreciate a Premo beat”? You’re really enjoy putting your foot in your mouth!!! I don’t care if you been listening to Premo since day one because in my OPIONION, the beat isn’t that good. You seem to like put yourself above people with your opinions when you feel people aren’t agreeing with you for some insecure reason of yours. GET OVER IT, the beat isn’t that good, and stop telling heads how and what they should feel about a track because you come across real insecure typing the stupid shit you do.

  • Comment from Maza

    @Rob listening Preemo since day one is not the point. If dont feel the track is ok. The tracks is Preemo style, and thats it… But no doubt, what i can notice is that youre not a Preemo listener since back in the days, because no doubt, the tracks sounds the same as aways Preemo do.

    @SirBiatch, if you want to use Dickrider, you prolly like to say the word SWAG.
    The samples id nice, the drums sounds thick, and the groove is dope. Same thing as aways.
    I Really dont know why you guys are bitchin…

  • Comment from Rob

    Again with this stupid insecure replies of yours “you haven’t been listening to Premo since back in the day”. It’s so obvious how inferior you feel in life you just go ahead nad make up shit like that to make yourself feel better. Your medal will be coming in the mail for dickriding Premo so hard. I been listening to Premo since 1995, so please stop SPEWING your nonsense and that doesn’t change the fact that the beat ISNT THAT GOOD, and I don’t give a shit if you been listening to premo since 1986 or 2006, notice I type “IT”S MY OPINION” the beat isn’t that good. Now what the fuck is so hard for your brain to process it’s an OPINION, so stop replying with your dickriding/insecure replies to an AVERAGE Premo beat.

  • Comment from Rob

    And by the way Maza, I can tell for fact you been listening to premo since 2003! See I can play your stupid little game and throw around worthless accusations all for the defense of an average Premo beat is what’s so funny.

  • Comment from Maza

    Ok bro! Keep your opnion based on comparing to other producers! Thats the way to appreciate you FAVORITE artist art!
    Maybe if Preemo sound like Just Blaze you would feel better! Right? You as a fan cant understand Preemo Style… so GET OFF!

  • Comment from Rob

    You need GET OFF your elitist/holier than though dick riding Premo self because it’s incredible how far your head is up your ass with this shit. The floor is all yours, so please explain to me in a LOGICAL manner(not one suited to your ego’s needs) why anybody who doesn’t like this beat can’t understand Premo’s style(Do you see how stupid this is getting?), and in keep in mind this is all from someone not liking one Premo beat….SMH. Everyone who doesn’t like this track should read Maza’a ridiculous reply to how he’s going to defend why anyone who doesn’t like this doesn’t understand premo’s style.

    I’m on a DJ Premier site and you come at me with some 14yo high school reply “listen to Soulja Boy”, all because you’re so out of touch with reality it hurts your feelings like you actually produced the beat and get all insecure. If Premo were reading this he would probably tell you to stop being such a DJ Premier Nazi and let everyone have an opinion without your elitist/holier than though opinion. You can’t understand that, you’re not even a Premo fan to begin with anyway(See, I’m playing your game).

  • Comment from Maza

    Why do you think im on a elitist position? Maybe you recognize something aight?
    Man listen, is not about defend your opinion, its about the truth, listen the track again may friend!
    How can you, as a fan, dont recognize Preemo style? Then you say the track is garbage.. c mon….
    100 % Preemo flavor dude…. Hot sample, hot soulful horns… funky break…

    Im not playing games, i am actually asking, man.. like a Preemo fan, what do you expect??? Just Blaze? Alchemist? Marco Polo???

    They are all dope, but Preemo is Preemo.

    Itz not Nazi shit man, the thing is what it is… You parameters to judge a Preemo track are far away from what it is.

    I dont give a shit about what you think, what im really curious is how can you dont recognize Preemo style… It sounds like FASHION critize Preemo, just because you cand handle a software and build a track with a bigger loop and different melodies..

    Pff… Really get off my dude…

  • Comment from SirBiatch


    Maza’s clearly a dickrider. It’s amazing. Dickridery really killed hip hop IMO, among other things.

    It’s so cool to be on someone’s nuts now. If you disagree slightly, you’re a hater. There’s no such thing as constructive criticism. And people wonder why hip hop is so stagnant.

  • Comment from SirBiatch


    we recognize it’s Premo’s style. Cmon son. I think if we’re able to find this website in the first place, we KNOW a Premo beat when we hear it.

    We just feel it’s weak. and you can’t like something just because it contains a sample and drums. Can your standards get any lower?

    And are you even reading these comments or just spewing at the pulpit?

  • Comment from Rob

    Just remove your blind bias of what you’re saying my man. Of course I know it’s one of Premo styles(which I wasn’t feeling for this particular beat(just get the fuck over it!). I”VE BEEN LISTENING TO PREMO SINCE 1995, so I’ve heard all of the man’s beats. I don’t know why you feel so Elite over anyone who doesn’t like the beat because you’re so in love with a “horn” sound which premo uses(You’d be shocked to know Pete Rock’s one of my favorite producers) The fact I’m on a DJ PREMIER WEBSITE, you don’t have to go into this NON-SENSE about Premo’s style to suit your tired ego’s purpose of an extremely irrelevant point you’re blindly trying to make. I don’t know why you got all bent out of shape so much to the point you feel the need to challenge me because I don’t like this particular beat… C’mon son, IT’S NOT THAT SERIOUS!

    We’re obviously both DJ Premier fans considering we both go out of our to come to this website, so just keep the divide and conquer shit to yourself because

  • Comment from Maza

    yes im reading, im just answering because itz funny to see somebody who has an ego problem, trying to defend his Opinion, which is not the absolute truth. And im not talking only about the sample and drums dude.

    I dont need to challenge you Rob,
    You want to challenge, check my position, im all peace.
    The thing is listen the CDQ better, in a descent speaker, them before that you say something.
    Im outta of this nonsense discussion, DICKRIDER is a terrible term man… now a fan is a DICKRIDER.
    C mon, and you? what is you S#%cks ya own D$#k??

    Whos a hater?
    Uza hater. I dont hate, when you hate the truth comes to your face.
    And i dont feel im superior than you, but if you feel that.. you re the only one with the Ego problem.

  • Comment from Rob

    I have no desire to challenge you at all, I just like having logical discussions(which isn’t going down between You, Sir Biatch, and I) with DJ Premier fans who don’t get all holier than thou on me when someone on a Premo forum says they don’t like a a particualr Premo track, save that negative energy for someone who actually doesn’t like Premo. All I’m saying is there’s truly no need for you to tell heads they should listen to Soulja Boy and tell heads how they should feel about Premo. I love Premo just like you my man, so compared to other producers, I hold Premo to a much higher standard than other producers is all.

    I actually did go listen to the CDQ and I will admit, I’m def feelin it more than what I heard from the radio rip, but it’s just not exactly my cup of tea this Premo beat is all. Another Premo track i didn’t like was that beat he gave J-Hood, but that shouldn’t warrant an accusation of not understanding Premo , and I’m sure somehow/someway you can understand that. I’ve said all that needs to be said regarding this matter because to take this any further is just worthless at this point.

  • Comment from MAZA

    So NOW you feel the track? That’s good.

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