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Apathy – Stop What Ya Doin’ (Feat. Celph Titled) CDQ

New DJ Premier:


General notice: R.I.P. Vinyl.

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15 Responses to “Apathy – Stop What Ya Doin’ (Feat. Celph Titled) CDQ”

  • Comment from Bronx Steele

    Nice track by Preem. Love the cuts.

  • Comment from Bronx Steele

    Love the cuts by Preem.

  • Comment from who shot john

    classic Rick Rubin style

  • Comment from Rick

    This is dope!!!! OOOHHHWWWEEEEEE!!!!

  • Comment from Mashpotatoking

    Holy hell what a beat. So rugged. Dj Premier gave Apathy a 9-10/10 beat

  • Comment from seb

    disappointing. doesn’t sound like a typical premo beat.
    i expected something like this:
    the most murderous music freestyle is far better.

  • Comment from Rob

    I really thought Premo was going to give Apathy some hard hitting shit. This is a beat that has to grow one me. I’m feeling the track, but I had higher expectations of what Premo was going to give Apathy.

  • Comment from polo249

    well this works for me….dope old school vibe…always wanted to hear the godz over some new premo…much better than the new royce track

  • Comment from Larry Dallas

    This sounds more Rick Rubin-ish than a DJ Premier beat. Nonetheless, a BANGER indeed!!

  • Classic drums.. Dope scratches!!

  • Comment from Confidence

    @seb yes sir that is the beat he should have given him, actually he should have given that beat to someone else but overall the beat is corndog classic and while they’re looking for that house of pain style, beat’em up beat, i ain’t feeling it.

  • Comment from Ama Hussla

    my goodness the complaints are gettin really ridiculous.. you dislike a track just cuz you “expected sumthin like” this that & the third, cmon you can’t judge tracks based on these criteria.. what’s the point of expectin a “nas is like” or “goldyn chyld” beat every time preem drops sumthin new. he is a “beat tailor”, and this track fits their style, flow, voice perfectly. this is nuthin but a PERFECT beat for these two. yes, it is minimalistic, but this has been done on purpose to give the artist plenty of room to show his rap skills. the intro is dope, the hook is crazy, the drums are insane, this one sick track..

  • Comment from ICU2

    Need this instrumental….MANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!

  • Comment from Gebhard Dettmar

    Who is he iconizing @ 3:44 and throughout? Charlie Parker? Can’t find the image but it’s well known
    I could listen to 3:43 – 4:13 for ages – this Humpty-scratch is fuckin sick

  • Comment from t*e*S*d (test)

    yo preem,are you done pressing wax????,please say no…. I need this as a single on wax……. I also thought of rick ruban/public enemy…. ap. and celph. new they had to come with it…and they did on this one,sick pattern flipping and content,really love this jam…the cuts always so clean,another pefect colab.,it was fate…..

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