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DJ Premier Producing The Soundtrack For Upcoming Masta Ace Documentary

Lol, just read a Masta Ace interview that is almost a year old and he said DJ Premier is producing the soundtrack for this upcoming documentary about his life. I didn’t know this, maybe you do, whatever. Always wanted to hear Masta Ace spit on a Preem beat that is on vinyl!

BB: Are you doing a follow up to the Arts & Entertainment joint with Ed O G.?

MA: Probably not a follow up. What I’m working on these days is a DVD documentary that I’m going to start filming this summer that’s going to tell the story of my life and career from my early beginnings to the present. The score is going to be done by DJ Premier. It’s going to be a really ready for TV documentary with interviews from key people that were there. Also, a lot of vintage videos and photos to help tell the story.


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3 Responses to “DJ Premier Producing The Soundtrack For Upcoming Masta Ace Documentary”

  • Comment from LamarMatic

    I’m glad that I didn’t hear about it a year ago, would have been waiting for it this whole time. Ace’s one of my favorite emcees, definitely one of the most underrated and consistent hip hop artists.

  • Comment from AmaHussla

    yeah I asked preem (via twitter of course :D) like 4 months ago if he gonna work with masta ace, and he told me about that documentary.. I’m so excited, one collabo that’s overdue

  • Comment from Dj Ducats

    Funny, I was listening to an old show of mine from 2005 that Ace, Punch & DJ Avee dropped by on, just yesterday. He said in that interview that he was planning on working on this, to release in 2006. At that time, there was no mention of DJ Premier but keep in mind we’re going back just over 6 years ago now.

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