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NYGz – Last Night (Final Version)

Message from DJ Premier:

Here is a freestyle over the classic break beat record “Last Night Changed It All”. I took it back to all live scratching and live overdubs over the programmed drums of the same record to bring the original skills of how DJ’s used to make demos and hip hop in it’s purest form… If you are hip hop, it will make sense… Shouts to all of the pioneers of the culture. We are releasing traditional freestyles each week to save all of the heat from the LP so that we form our own lane…

NYGz – Last Night (Prod. by DJ Premier) (Final Version)

This track is not an album cut. “Hustlaz Union: Local NYGz” coming very soon… featuring Ice Cube, G-Dep, Young Maylay, Lil Fame, K-Rino, Khaleel & Rave Roulette! Fully produced by DJ Premier!

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