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DJ Premier On Rakim’s Upcoming Album


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8 Responses to “DJ Premier On Rakim’s Upcoming Album”

  • Comment from cut edge

    thx for the album.

  • Comment from Mufro

    Rakim + DJ Premier beat = sex wee! =D

    Saw him live a few months ago, was really good! Although I wish he’d admit Seventh Seal is a little rubbish, cause it is…

  • Comment from SirBiatch

    It’s the God!!

    anyway, Seventh Seal sucked cuz the beats sucked. The overall production wasn’t timeless. In fact, the beats and overall songs were so boring I couldn’t stay awake through the rhymes.

    No disrespect, just saying it how I feel. Ra’s still one of the illest to ever do it.

    Ra, if you read this, we need you to rhyme on Pete Rock/Premo ish stuff. That hard beautiful boom bap. Like what boom bap would sound like if it was 2011. If PR and Primo can’t do it, whoever’s the next PR/Premo should do it. I’m sure there’s some underground cat out there with a DOPE beat wishing he could give it to a hip hop legend.

    Basically, hard drums. A nice sample. Even if it isn’t a sample, just a great melody with that knock factor. Beats with character.

    Beatwise, I like the beat Mac Miller got for “Nikes On My Feet”. No one can deny that isn’t a hot ass beat! There’s a whole generation fiending for that good sound, old and new. Yet for some reason, there are so few good boom bap beats. I’m not talking imitation boom bap too.

    It has to be actually dope.

    Good luck.

  • Comment from SirBiatch

    we all know the stuff Ra did with Eric B/Large Professor was dope.

    These are my top 5 Ra joints outside of that

    1. Livin For The City – lesser known joint. But THIS BEAT! Great melody and the drums knock. This is boom bap! (Pete Rock)

    2. The Saga Begins (original version) – chilling beat! of course Pete Rock flavored.

    3. When I B On Tha Mic – man… I could write an essay on the love I have for this beat and it still wouldn’t cut it. It’s such a nostalgic sound.

    4. New York (Ya Out There) — Premo of course.

    5. Shades Of Black (Chase Dats Da Shit Radio Edit) – a little known tune but I always loved this beat.

    Honorable Mentions: Been A Long Time/When I’m Flowin/Waiting For The World To End/Addicted (even though it’s Truth Hurts)/The Watcher 2/Hoodlum

    so yeah, PR and Pete Rock have given you the best shit since Eric B IMO.

  • Comment from King Flux

    I can’t wait to get my hands on it! He is the truth! Love Ra!!! and Primo!!!! I been waiting for years….and I will always wait for the work, patient like a monk.

  • Comment from mick


  • Comment from hustler305

    i hope they do a whole album together that would be crazy Real Talk

  • Comment from Arti

    Yo what’s the beat in 4:23 ? 🙂 anyone ?!

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