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Game Speaks on Collabo With DJ Premier

Game’s long-awaited fourth solo LP, The Red Album, finally hits stores tomorrow, August 23. And as you’ll see from the tracklisting, the Compton MC is still well loved by his peers. Dr. Dre, Drake, Lil Wayne, LLoyd, Wale, Mario, Cool and Dre and host of other contributed to the project. The Compton King says one of the records he’s most excited for people to hear is ” Born in the Trap,” which was produced by DJ Premier.

“I got with Preemo,” Game told “That joint is ready rock. You know Preem, he don’t wanna work with everybody.”

Game also revealed that the Preemo track was the first he laid down for Red when he started working on the album just about three years ago.

“Preem, he had the scratches in,” Chuck Taylor said. “He had it mixed. I had the finished, mixed and mastered ‘Born in the Trap’ ready before anybody [else] turned in anything.”


Lol, Preem was first? That’s a new one! Tylor, The Creator’s part on the album was the highlight imo (next to the Premo track ofc).

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4 Responses to “Game Speaks on Collabo With DJ Premier”

  • Comment from

    Born In The Trap samples Van McCoy’s “Love Theme” from ’78 by the way

    great track!

  • Comment from cenzi

    its strange as hell to see you, Primo’s biggest fan, “snitching” on the samples… I mean, maybe it aint a big secret, but shit, don’t all Primo ans know how he feels about telling people what was sampled?

  • Comment from gimantalon

    @cenzi, lol, i know what samples are cleaned… i’ll block the comments with the samples for nygz, don’t worry. this one is credited in the booklet… Preem even said it on twitter, you should know…

  • Comment from braabraa

    gim is right, just bought the album and it says:

    “This track contains a sample of the recording “Love Theme” as performed by Van McCoy. Courtesy of MCA Records under license from
    Universal Music Enterprises. Used by permission. All rights reserved.”

    better buy the album cenzi, instead of leeching and talking crap.

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