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Afu-Ra Says DJ Premier Doesn’t Have Time For Him To Record

Afu-Ra is about to drop a new album in February, 2012. Before he wanted to release a new album named “Voice Of A Brooklyn Star” in September ’11 -actually a day before the album digital release- his studio in Switzerland burnt down. Luckily nobody got hurt but he lost most of his album cuts in less than an hour. So his album was delayed to February ’12. He took his bags back to his hood in Brooklyn and started recording new cuts. Meanwhile the album title is changed to “Body Of The Life Force Part 2”. In order to promote his album he released a press release stating the album will be featuring M.O.P., Sadat X, Nine, H. Stax and more. Productions will come from The New DJ Premier, Mike Rone and upcoming talents from around the world.

‘I was thinking of many ideas for this record, the only thing that made sense was represent your hood. Brooklyn I am the the body of life force. This album all the songs I payed close attention to the vocal performance. I wanted to drop spine tingling lyrics and express my self with the voice people deserve.’

Meanwhile everyone wants to hear Afu-Ra on a brand new DJ Premier beat, but it looks like it’s not going to happen for this album.

‘I will always wanna work with him [DJ Premier] but if he does not have the time for me, I can’t keep the people that matter more to wait any longer’. Then The New DJ Premier is Afu-Ra himself. ‘I know what I know, and that is to produce quality classic music. So for all who love the sound of Afu-Ra from now on he will be The New DJ Premier, “Body Of The Life Force 2” combines all of the ingredients Afu-Ra is known for and more.’ The first big cut from the album was posted on DJ Premier Blog some weeks ago. You can now buy it on iTunes.

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11 Responses to “Afu-Ra Says DJ Premier Doesn’t Have Time For Him To Record”

  • Comment from Joe Sample

    Reminder: “don’t forget to cry Afura a river”. This seems a reccuring theme in the Hip Hop culture, everyone feels entitled to what the next man has and is capable of. The world don’t owe you shit, get on and build your own legacy and stop whining about bullshit. If Premo doesn’t have time for you, cool, keep it movin’, why do we have to hear about it? Stand on your own two!

  • Comment from Ama Hussla

    well that’s what he’s doing or not?? he’s doing it all by himself, he just expressed his disappointment in not being able to cook sumthin up with premier.. remember this guy is part of the gang starr foundation.. seriously, no disrespect towards premier, but he’s got the time to lay sumthin down with mac miller, do some euro collabos with artists that are subpar at best (yeah yeah its cause of the money i know), yet he couldn’t hook up with a longtime friend and collaborator? afu ra and premier got mad classics, I’m sad that they couldn’t collaborate again..

    btw this cover art is really wack, not a fan of sequels neither..

  • Comment from phil

    Afu sounds bitter ….

  • Comment from rollo

    This gets to the problem of hip hop these days…we all want the classic collabs, jeru, group home, afu with preme…but maaaaan even the pete rock collab doesn’t look like its coming…No labels going to support the old veterans like that anymore, no payola, no radio, no nothing

    ..but the wack millers can snap their fingers and their checkbooks and preme has to follow, he’s gotta keep the lights on at the studio.

    Odd Future are a bunch of cali faggots, but most kids today are hipster faggots that are enslaved by baphomet so premier has to give them props

    Because at the end of the day its the kids that go to shows ages 15-21, they buy shirts and need to form a hipster identity..if preme doesn’t cater to that he’ll be broke…artists like Afu have a hard road ahead.

    peace 1 day

  • Comment from mr.murph

    This is the same reason Guru had problems with primo. He ‘s all about who’s gonna give him the fattest check. Primo is a millionare. He can retire now and be all set for the rest of his life. Instead he continues to make subpar beats for subpar artist.

  • Comment from rollo

    @mr murph…that’s true. I remember the guru interviews where he was pissed at preme even now…funny thing is, go back and check the message boards niggas was mad at guru even THEN! Calling him a punk saying he wouldn’t be shit without preme, his flow was corny all this those same haters try and elevate guru.

  • Comment from dredknight

    nah you get it all wrong in here…

    Preem has devoted his entire life to the hip hop music.

    I dont know (and dont care) how much money he has or earns.

    What it matters is that he continues to create beats that still make me wanna listen to music…

    This is what he does best – creating music out of anything!

    most people in the music industry come here make some money than go and live laid back life, but this is not what Preem does!

    He is on another level, it is all about the music.

    And I feel it man… I feel it.. in any single beat.

    About the beef with Afu Ra and not being part of the family.

    I think that he is not doing this deliberately.

    May be what he aims is to give a strong push to those from the new wave of lyricists that deserve it. The idea is that someone go to inherit the old guys when they retire.. aint that the truth?

    If he is not doing this in 10 years there be ONLY lil wayne and lil B etc etc. wack music..

    Anyways, dont blame preem everyone makes mistakes.
    One good example is Nick Javas.
    Personally I consider his style awesome! though the chemistry between him and preem wasnt the best. I guess Preem felt this and this is why he didnt get his contract renewed.

    well this is what I want to say :).

  • Comment from yoyo

    Yeah. That Mac Miller beat was mad wack. He probably didn’t want to waste it on someone else. Can’t he just give Afu some beats and trust him. Why does he have to be there when recording?

    Stop wasting your time on wack artists preeeme! Defeat is THE illest premo beat EVER made. Do it again!

  • Comment from Ama Hussla

    you sayin “face the facts” being wack shows that you have absolutely no clue.. that beat is nasty, and this ain’t even about taste, it’s a fact..
    and defeat is THE illest premo beat EVER?? hahah, get the fuck outta here, I’m not sayin it’s bad, it’s a CLASSIC, but the best premier beat ever?? nah, I don’t think so, I can easily name 20 beats that are better.. stop exaggeratin, I can’t even take ur opinion seriously..

  • Comment from Ultraman

    You know whats funny. DJ Roach did the better part of BTLF Vol.1, why doesnt he go and hunt him down again and ask for something solid. I know dickriders are going to call mc’s like him and jeru bitter but I feel Its more constructive to these rappers to fomulate solid material without reliance on Preemo beats. Yes rappers like Mac Miller are wack but If thats who preem is focused on then thats his biz.

  • Comment from david

    Woulda been good to hear new Afu-Ra verses over exclusive Premo beats even if they were unreleased ones sitting in an unopened folder on a hard-drive but it’s forgiveable that there won’t be any on BTLF2. Can’t be using Premo’s name though labelling himself ‘The New DJ Premier’. That’s bitter, disrespectful and not creative. I’ll still be constantly checking for new material from both Afu and Premo and supporting both but he can’t be claiming himself the new Premo

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