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DJ Premier Talks Nas album, Slick Rick, Guru & Re:Generations Project

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7 Responses to “DJ Premier Talks Nas album, Slick Rick, Guru & Re:Generations Project”

  • Comment from Ama Hussla

    yeah right..
    dre papoose and crooked will drop their albums before the nas/preem lp happens..
    and we all already know nas won’t pick any of preem’s beats he submitted for “life is good”

  • Comment from Brian

    yep Ama, i think you’re right

  • Comment from rollo

    I am curious about you dudes opinions:

    What’s the deal with NAS?

    Why has he been frontin on Primo ALL THESE YEARS..just imagine how much greatness he left on the table as the years have passed. Nas ain’t getting any younger…he wasted his prime lyrical years that should have been on at least 10 or 20 premier beats.

    So I ask what’s the reason?

    No label paper for boom bap music?
    Drugs? Too much E?
    Divorce? Too much ‘milkshakes’ 🙂
    Def Jam wackness?
    Jay Z not letting Nas do his thing as a subliminal way to hurt him after signing him (that’s how Jay Z do..he’s on some machiavelli shit always).?

    What’s the reason dj premierblog heads?

  • Comment from GuttahMastah

    Preem is not the type of producer that just sends beats….he works in the studio with the artist so he can have better chemistry with them.

    If people just ask him to send the beat, there’s no chemistry. When that happens, the beat never comes out the way how the artist wants. That, and time is an issue as well. Preem is busy as hell and so are other rappers. Preem tends to be the one that takes his time. As for Nas, not so much.

    Rappers nowadays, and in some ways the legendary ones, have become lazy as hell, and expect everything to just be handed to them over the internet and have them pick and choose. Preem also charges a lot for his beats.

  • Comment from Ama Hussla


    i guess when you’ve worked with a rapper for so many times, like with nas, jay-z, you pretty much know what kind of track fits the artist..
    I don’t see any problems with premier sendin beats to the greats with whom he’s worked with on several albums..
    the “BAP” track for example would’ve suited jay-z, so did “goldyn chyld”, “wonder years”, “what it iz” or “society is brainwashed”..
    plus I’m positive that IF nas picks some premier tracks, they certainly will record @ headqcourterz..

  • Comment from Who Shot John

    I’d prefer a jeru the damaja/preem album before nas.Better yet, just give me the NYGz record and im good…lol

  • Comment from DJ Gary B

    OK This is on some other topic and I wanna get some feedback.

    Akai just released a new MPC and Primo had a lot of influence on this piece of gear with producers buying this when it first came out, but the thing is it isn’t an MPC per se but a controller.

    I wanna know what does Primo think of this new piece of gear.

    Should Akai listen to their diehard and hardcore MPC users and demand a machine with the specs that we see as necessary for our workflow at a price that we can safely say yeah we’ll pay that amount for it.

    Primo’s words can go a long way in influencing a company like Akai to stand up and take notes.

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