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DJ Premier Discuss New Showbiz & AG Album “Mugshot Music”

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14 Responses to “DJ Premier Discuss New Showbiz & AG Album “Mugshot Music””

  • Comment from Colton Richards

    Cannot wait for this shit to drop. Represent that real hip-hop!

  • Comment from FubiZz

    best part was Preemo’s closing words “my Hip-Hop will always be gutter”, exactly. Nothing new we wouldn’t know by Premier but still: That’s how it goes. When Premier had sex w.. uhm i mean worked with Christina he kept it raw as he always does. I’m sure – and experience has shown more than once – so many producers would have turned commercial. Salute Waxmaster C!

  • Comment from VIC

    I can not wait, I know it’s going to be fresh…

  • Comment from Don-RIF

    For real, I think Showbiz is THE WACKEST producer of alllll time!!! What the fuck is this shit????? I remember the collabo album he did with KRS, shit was WACK as a mothafucka, and now THIS!!! Daaammmmmn, always been overrated, Buckwild is the true DITC producer.

  • Comment from Mugz101

    When will it drop?

  • Comment from Shan

    @ don – rif Sounds like show must have fucked ur girl or something! Tell em why u mad son! Lol

  • Comment from the33king

    don rif…please kill yourself right now.

  • Comment from rollo

    @Don sounds like you have a real issue with Showbiz…but on the music side can you explain what you don’t like.

    hard beats..kicks and snares
    aggressive samples

    what’s not to like?

  • Comment from Mashpotatoking

    At least the album isn’t produced by The Justice League or Dumma Boy. We are getting an entire album full of 90’s type beats just BE HAPPY!!!

  • Comment from kam

    actually it aint about having an LP full of “90s type beats”, we just want some real hard boom bap shit that sounds fresh, like the first leaks they put out…

  • Comment from don-rif

    U kids don’t know shit about real music, it aint about hip hop only, its about music
    U dickriding somebody just because he is a famous name.

  • Nice to see (+hear) Showbiz back in top form! I hope this lp bangs out like Goodfellas and Full Scale. From what I have heard so far, I am very optomistic. Please to press on vinyl!

  • Comment from mikeum

    wtf is this guy talkin about in the comments? show is wack? since when

    dude has dropped some of the hardest beats ever in hip hop.

    krs one – a friend


  • Comment from noswag

    what record is sampled on “trapped”?

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