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Live From HeadQCourterz (12/16/2011)

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24 Responses to “Live From HeadQCourterz (12/16/2011)”

  • Comment from Cee-Mach

    No more downloads? How am I supposed to listen to HeadQCourterz in the car now?

  • Comment from Loykes

    Gim 4 president! Thnx!

  • Comment from Loykes

    Google “mixcloud stream download” of something like that. There are enough tools that can help you.

  • Comment from pauly

    That mixcloud site is wack!..i cant figure it out..hope you go back to posting mp3!..need to listen to realness….in my car on my strolls.

  • Comment from Chris

    To all the guys whining about no download, you must be happy that you can still listen to it for free! Gim stopped providing a download link because SiriusXM would not complain about posting this show.
    And there are ways enough to download it!

  • Comment from Loykes

    @Chris, you’re totally right.

    Btw, I saw the message below on the Technolux website:

    “[Edit 2011-12-15]
    Mixcloud has changed the API call, so above method does not work any more. Also none of the other Mixcloud downloaders work any more, not even JDownloader.”

    This explains why programs like Jdownloader or similar programs that could rip the mixcloudstream do not work right now.
    I’m trying to figure out another way. If someone sees a proper way please let us know.

  • Comment from gimantalon

    Thank you Chris!

    Listen up people, you can still find the mp3 of the shows on the forum (and many more!):

    Mixcloud also has a free iPhone/iPod app:


  • Comment from thadialeckt

    downloadhelper works. its a plugin for firefox

  • Comment from Guess

    Thank you Chris!

  • Comment from Thermal

    You can still download, all you need is flashgot plugin for firefox browser and when you press play in your add-on bar you will se icon click on it and download 😉

  • Comment from ib2quik2c

    damn, i’m surprised no one has mentioned panchi going in on sean price, which is a damn shame since i think P! is dope rhymer and panch is funny as fuck.

    Dude was heated for real for real so it makes me think there is more to the story since he was going in on the lo lifes and decepticons, too

  • Panchi needs to relax with all that Sean Price talk.. if he got a problem with the man, go see him. Don’t bring extra personal business to the public ears. Niggas are too grown for that bullshit. Not necessary.

    On some OG shit, premo needs to end that bullshit immediately.

  • Comment from Paul

    Anybody know the song playing between 1:40:20 – 1:44:40 ?

  • Comment from deru

    i don’t know panchi but he should calm down a lil bit with the sean price shit, if he got beef with him let’s take it to the streets and fight fair one but cmon stop that gossip right now

  • Comment from Mac

    Comment from Paul
    Posted at: December 20, 2011 at 2:53 PM
    Anybody know the song playing between 1:40:20 – 1:44:40 ?

    Paul…..The track is called Its All Love – By D-Strong and produced by myself (MAC) Its from our new album The Burden ….check it out bro

  • Comment from what what

    they’re cool now it’s already been squashed. i think his tone was more of an inside joke than anything else

  • Comment from Rick

    I went to that show in vancouver. I got there at 12 stayed til 3 and never saw preem or pete. so disappointing.

    And… that beef with P sounds real to me. eclipse trying to stay out of it and change the subject. lol

  • Comment from nOF

    Sean Price got nice rhymes, but he’s a fucking contradiction. And an attention whore.
    I can’t take him seriously.

    “I hate people, I don’t like people, I don’t get a long with people, so grumpy”, but at the same time he’s all over twitter talking to random people.
    (list goes on)

    If thats your image, and the true you, stick with it to the end.

    He seems mad emotional and insecure to me. Easy to hide behind a big beard, a fuck you attitude and being an underground rap artist…

    Obviously don’t know dude personally, but this is how I perceive him. Fuck it

  • Comment from Paul

    @Mac thank you bro! Nice production yo, will definitely buy that!

  • Comment from what what

    don’t trust anyone with a beard lol

  • Comment from Mac

    @paul….thanks bro. you should also check out the album i just dropped with and emcee called Wildelux…….called Wildelux & Mac – The Masterplan……….again just hit itunes n search for it coz if u feeling the d strong album, youll love this.

  • Comment from Mac

    @ paul……heres the masterplan i mentioned to u

  • Comment from simon_says

    plz load up song list, love your show, shououts from germany,one….

  • Comment from BADAZONE

    @MAC Itunes suk but i copped you on amazon nice production refreshing

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