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Exclusive: 38 Special – Support (Prod. by Pete Rock) CDQ

DJ Green Latern’s new artist 38 Special about to drop his debut LP “Time Served” later this year. Featuring 2 joints by DJ Premier and this joint produced by Pete Rock, enjoy:

38 Special – Support (Prod. by Pete Rock)

We like to bring that new, also in 2012!! -DJ Premier Blog

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19 Responses to “Exclusive: 38 Special – Support (Prod. by Pete Rock) CDQ”

  • Comment from SirBiatch

    a pinch of Mobb Deep’s “Apostle’s Warning” with a dash of Pete Rock washed-up ness and a spoonful of a wack emcee = this track.

    i mean seriously — who’s gonna feel this shit? who’s really gonna cop this?

  • Comment from LamarMatic

    It’s already been 30 years since Scarface and people still use it for their concepts/stage names etc. Couldn’t he come up with anything else for his album cover!??!

  • Comment from A.Fan

    SirBiatch – Agreed. PR needs to bring the boom bap and not this plinky plink ish. MC is as wack as fcuk

  • Here the OG sample: Kool G Rap used a different part of the song on Take ‘Em To War.

  • Comment from dave

    pish pete rock has sucked for well over 10 years now! petes’sbest years 91-94

  • Comment from Mashpotatoking

    That Raw from Torae’s album was really good imo

  • Comment from polo

    what a dreadful beat….what ever happened to PR’s nice laid back soulful sound he had back in the day? This is weak as fuck

  • Comment from who shot john

    This beat would be dope for a score in one of the B movie Hood films……


  • Comment from Breeze

    Very average beat, very poor MC. What the hell has happened to Pete? Shit’s sad.

  • Comment from DJ Damage

    fuck these so called coke masters / studios gangsters…smh
    i remember a good old rock group called “38 special” they gonna shake their headz too if they see it…

  • Comment from Ama Hussla

    how come this guy gets two premier joints (I’m afraid he will get at least 1 banger), while emcees like scarface, masta ace (dunno when this documentary will happen), or even saigon, are beggin premo for a joint and don’t get anythin..
    drop “stoodiotyme” already, this will keep alot of ur fans quiet until the kolexion release..
    drop that goddamn immortal technique track, that kool sphere joint, I even wanna hear the vinnie paz track before listen to some incarnated mediocrity like “38 special” (I spare you wordplays with his name)… oh & the nygz album is set to drop in march/april.. yeah, we will see about that

  • Comment from malone

    Do your thang. I don’t agree with most of these posts. I like the track. What he say at 1:25..”rich or poor the pigs ??????” (warrant us)

  • Comment from rollo


    gotta be the money right 🙂

    Preme got to keep the lights on at old d & d/ new headqcourterz

  • Comment from Ama Hussla

    @ rollo aka black stewie:

    you’re absolutely right, but he could just release the god damn albums he has announced years ago, and he would not have to rely on these shitty collabos, which are just pure wastes of beats..
    I think I’m not the only one that will purchase nearly any release (I’m not sure bout that khaleel record..) preem drops via his label, just to support him.. preem needs to release it already..
    I mean I’m a die hard fan but c’mon he didn’t even release “get used to us” in physical format, lettin your fans wait for THAT long ain’t right man..
    my 2 pennies

  • Comment from D CA$H

    LOL they even misspelled benefits, it’s not ‘benifits”, idiots.

  • Comment from mr b.

    the beat is questionable, the flow is garbage and the art is terrible. he should look happier with all that coke laying in front of him. he could sell it and make money and be happy. or he could snort it and also be happy. i do believe mr. 38 special is a big fat liar.

  • Comment from GuttahMastah

    This is just sad…

    Gim, theres no way in hell you think this is dope.

  • Comment from david

    Not a fan of 38 special and this beat isn’t as good as Pete Rock’s other material but he definitely hasn’t fell off, ‘That raw’ that he produced for Torae could fool fans if he put it out and labelled it an unreleased joint from Mecca and The Soul Brother or The Main Ingredient, and if you want the laid back Pete Rock then check this out another track he produced for 38 special except the beats better, and ‘Top of the world’ from his album with Smif-n-Wessun was chilled, go to one of his shows or check him out on youtube live, his sets have just as much and if not more soul than his 91-94 work that you talk about

  • Comment from whiterhino420

    K as a hip hop head and as a firearms head this shit is embarrassing. This dude obviously doesnt know shit about guns cuz the .38 special (note the period infront lol) is a POLICE cartridge, and its not even a very good one at that. I could see .45 Auto, or Action Express, or .44 magnum. But 38 special? you’ve gotta b kidding me! plus his rhymes are mad cheesy, and the scarface ideas been done already. I know premier is broadening his horizons now a days, but this is pushing it. These dudes should be making another nas album or something not this crap. ’97 eh?

    I think he passed on the weed too……..

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