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KRS-One & Kenny Parker Collabo Album “The BDP Album” Out Now

Here’s an interesting interview

Brand new album by KRS-One & Kenny Parker out today on iTunes & Amazon. Featuring Channel Live & Jesse West!! You can check the snippets here. It will also be available limited on vinyl.

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12 Responses to “KRS-One & Kenny Parker Collabo Album “The BDP Album” Out Now”

  • Stop censoring my message!! Gang Starr Broke Up Because DJ Premier Was Smoking Crack And Stealing Money:

    dvd out soon

  • Comment from james

    wth @ guy above me… :/

    that krs-one interview is a must check!

  • Comment from dipher

    what a man, what a mind, what a LEGEND!! I love this man, he needs to be given riches beyond anyones wildest dreams, he deserves it, this man is the most influential hip hopper ever, hip hop would not be the way it is today without this man’s guiding influence, after this I watched some videos of Statik Selektah and his roster of emcees and thought how much all of that is directly due to his views on how rap should conduct itself, it makes me immensely proud to still be listening to emcees that value skills above hype, and i attribute this to KRS Ones influence on hip hop generally. Someone should make a movie about his life it is so rich and interesting. Word. Peace.

  • Comment from SirBiatch


    Try and look at it from our points of view. We’re Premo fans, so it’s already an uphill battle. With that said, I’m no dickrider. If Preem was really smoking crack and stealing money, then that’s fucked up.

    But somehow that doesn’t seem likely to me. Especially given Preem’s personality on wax and in videos. He’s super clear-headed in interviews – always has been for a long time. And it seems more likely that you’re trying to get shine any way you can. Which is fucked up.

    Your interviewer doesn’t help by ‘leading’ you on, trying to get you to say inflammatory things. Doggie Diamonds is like: “to me, it seem like Premo… aint really celebrating Guru like that.”


    Doggie, who in the FUCK are you to call out how Premo chooses to mourn his homeboy and long-time collaborator?

    And even IF you felt a way about it, shut the fuck up and be objective. Try and dig into the truth. Let Gusmo bring it out naturally and THEN I may feel where he’s coming from.

    this just looks like typical feminine-talk from disgruntled mans on the streets.

    lmao at the Guru ‘homo’ question


  • Comment from rollo

    ‘tommy hill, the damaja, and my man gusmo…’

    -s o chaos

    things are about to get heated.

  • Comment from Who Shot John

    This is the greatest Interview Ever


  • Comment from yoyo



  • Comment from Moneygrip365

    KRS…i could listen to him talk all day. That’ was crazy interesting. Thank you.

  • Comment from TYBO2020


  • Comment from whiterhino420

    Dope Dope interview. One of the best iv seen from the teacha’

    NOw @ Gusmo
    Maaaaaan wrong place to be spreadin the bullshit. I think its pretty clear who’s the basehead between you an preem, wow dude, desperate for fame or wut? I think theres been enough of the schoolgirl gossip around this issue already dont you? and if you were still in mad touch with guru in the last dayz, then where the fuck were you? I’d love to see a vid of you sayin that shit ta preem, ha! you actually look mad nervous when you start disrespecting him in ur vid and he’s not even there! WOW dude, how much did solar pay you for this shit? if you were still in the game people would know. So wut if you used to work 4 labels. It aint where you from its where you at, an right now your on premiers blog lookin like a desperate, has been, basehead thats ridin solar’s dick. AND ur leetching off krs ones popularity to get that pathetic message out. Shits gonna catch up with you one day pal, you and solar.

  • Comment from kartanom

    Oh…i like it….

  • Comment from Q

    real nice interview….

    Gusmo is giving wrong information, waxmaster C is the original name of preem. then for a label story he had to change it.then he had a list of name in his hands an his mamma told him that premier was cool. this is nothing to do with guru. this information was given by premier to my journalist friend, I was in the room and I still got the recording of that.

    preem used to go in NYC years before he even know guru.

    no disprespecting to no one. i saw premier, he is a man of few words, he does his job, do what he says, says what he does. i know that.

    who are you gonna steal when you are producing for the entire world? non sense.

    we manage to make play a lot of U.S. artists, and preem is the only one who don’t ask for weed. he is not even gonna smoke if there is tobacco in your spliff. so i really don’t think he’s into crack. even if he would, this is not my business.

    we won’t buy this dvd

    i even hope we won’t hear about this anymore.


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