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Gang Starr Foundation Member Krumb Snatcha Retires From Hip-Hop

Sad news here. Well, he doesn’t really retire from hip hop (because that’s impossible), but he does retires from rhyming. Gang Starr Foundation member announced on his facebook he’s going to retire from the rap game. As an old friend of Guru from Boston he was introduced to DJ Premier very early. One of his early appearances was on the ’98 Gang Starr album “Moment of Truth” on the historical song “Make ‘Em Pay”. His verse on that song immediately gave him the shine in the Hip Hop world. He received The Source’s Hip Hop Quotable for his verse on that song and became the first to ever receive a Quotable while being locked up in prison. After that he only made more classics with DJ Premier and others. This is the open letter he wrote to his friends and fans:

Unfortunately due to unfortunate circumstances I have decided to no longer be a part of certain elements and or musical endeavors. As of this day I no longer am affiliated with any label and/or management… I apologize to friends and fans but changing and putting self first is in my best interest. There will be no next album from me… I have decided to honor my commitment to the youth. Thank you all… God bless!!! -Demetrius Gibbs aka Krumb Snatcha

With no doubt a Boston pioneer!! He’ll be always a Gang Starr Foundation member!!

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8 Responses to “Gang Starr Foundation Member Krumb Snatcha Retires From Hip-Hop”

  • Comment from Hector K

    ‘Closer To God’ is very classic shit. The first few bars of this rap are as legendary to me as sippin Dom P watchin Ghandi till I’m charged. Combined with one of the craziest cut routines from Preem, the production is certified vintage.

    To see the rapper call it in is a sad, sad thing but it takes a real dude to reach the decision for the good of his family. Peace to Krumbsnatcha. Salute!

  • Comment from whiterhino420

    I dont believe this. Not a day goes by I dont bump Krubsnatcha. Hopefully he’ll b back.
    Fuck…. the way hip hops goin right now really worries me. For real. If theres ever been a time we need Krumb its now……
    Thanks for all ur dope music krumbsnatcha.

  • Comment from krudanze

    i hoped they would make another joint with preemo yet. closer to the god is the shit! wish you the best krumb.

  • Underground Hip Hop doesn’t generate much $$$ these days … I can understand his choice.

  • Comment from ezibeats

    classic ish i definately slept on this track and its nice to know the record that premo scratched on a more current record

  • Comment from SynthieMental

    I was just asking myself: what’s up with Krumb?
    So I googled a bit and found this. K.S. is one of the nicest MCs ever and I respect his choice to quit the Rap business. The man is a legend among those who know real HipHop anyways. Premier + Guru + Gangstarr Foundation inspired hundred thousands, if not millions of people worldwide. You people have a place in the hearts of so many people from my generation, cause when we think of our youth we also reminisce over your music.

  • Comment from son of Lynn

    i was listening to “Make’em Pay” today and gained a new appreciation for Krumb’s verse: POWERFUL. it took me back to the time when the album came out, a very spiritual time! i didn’t know who he was and as i listened today, i became curious about the person behind those words. so i searched his name and found this blog. i guess i have some research’n to do on his work. i wish him the best. RIP Guru…

  • Comment from DsonDavidson

    I cant believe it took me this long to find out….i have bumped my head and many of my friends and foes have as-well. best choice for k.s for sure. Never forgotten and always at max volume. worst part is how hard it is for me a Canadian to find his albums. if ever there is one kicken {a classic not a itunes copy} id make sure its paid in full. Respect.

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