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DJ Premier & Bumpy Knuckles – wEaRe aT WaR (Radio Rip)

A fresh radio rip of a new joint off that DJ Premier & Bumpy Knuckles collabo album “The Kolexxxion”. This track is number 5 on the album and it’s called “wEaRe aT WaR”. The new album will be fully produced by DJ Premier and with features of Nas & Flava Flav! Enjoy:

DJ Premier & Bumpy Knuckles – wEaRe aT WaR (Prod. by DJ Premier) (Radio Rip)

Out March 27th on Gracie Productions/Works of Mart.

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24 Responses to “DJ Premier & Bumpy Knuckles – wEaRe aT WaR (Radio Rip)”

  • Comment from Hologram !!

    damn Premier beats never get boring! i could listen to them all day…and Bumpy’s lyrics and voice just blend with the beat good…awesome work! 🙂

  • Comment from yoyo


  • Comment from Jay Key

    Crazy beat !!!

  • Comment from Gunnar Jam

    Holy fuck what a banging beat! What a great way to start of 2012. Premier keep doing ya thing brother.

  • Comment from rollo

    sister souljah!

  • Feeling the keys … great work

  • Comment from kam93


  • Comment from myophiee

    nice… i like it

  • Comment from DedsOne

    Damn! what an borring beat ;,( come on Primo, time too step your game up!!!

  • Comment from GuttahMastah

    Now this is more like it. Dope stuff from Primo and Bumpy Knucks!

  • Comment from Soulmade

    Damn good!I love it!

  • Comment from Ugod

    I’m glad to see premier back in the game.

  • Comment from yoyo

    @ DedsOne

    I really hope youre joking!!

  • Comment from SirBiatch

    this beat is whatever. definitely not that great. I don’t like the piano melody — too basic and unmemorable. that ‘sonar sounding’ melody right after is dope though. wish he’d done more with that.

  • Comment from SirBiatch

    sorry, I don’t mean ‘sonar’. I don’t know how to describe the sound that makes up the second part of the Premo loop.

  • Comment from DedsOne

    ofc i mean what i say, it think it was way too basic wit nothing too keep u wanna hear it again, which is really sad…..and all u guys that says that its so dope, must be the fans that supports Primo whatever shit he puts out, but its tragic to see him put out so much garbage nowadayz (that is whenever he finally get something out there, cause most the time nothing comes out besides some old dusty beats) come on man, time to be alittle creative! and i dont even wanna go commenting on his taste nowadayz, but come on those best album of the year lists is pure comedy if u ask me.

  • Comment from terrytee

    ^^^^^ LMHO… U know, theres just no pleasin sum people! That beats Rugged as fuck. Best way to deal with heads talking trash about you is just come at them with fire… Premos coming with fire right now.

  • Comment from DedsOne

    hahahahahaha man u r Delirious, what ppl neeeds to understand is that just cause primo made it, its not automatic an banger, as it was in the mid late 90´s when he dropped banger after banger, unfortunaltly now its just once or twice a year ;( but ppl has diffrent tastes so ofc some ppl will like diffrent beats but if u ask me i want the beat to take me on an journey and make me wanna headnod but sadly 50-60% of the beats he rlses at the moment doesent do that for me anymore cause it seems like he´s stopped evolving….and dont missunderstand me cause i like simple beats too but not basic borring beats 🙂

  • Comment from yoyo

    Agree.. too many boring beats lately, but for me this one stood out. My type of shit.

    but again.. you know what? When The Ownerz came out people said Premo had fell of and that the beats were boring.

    Go and listen to that album now and say the same thing.

  • Comment from Mashpotatoking

    The Ownerz has some sick fuckin beats

  • Comment from dave

    boring , no replay value

  • Comment from Jean Ferrat

    I don’t feel being in the outta space when listening, i don’t thrill, I’m not swearing, so my verdict is clear : not a banger !!!

    Mr Dave just said it : no replay value

    …fuck it I’m re-listening just to be sure…..

    (3 min later)
    same verdict, please don’t realease this one as a maxi single.

  • Comment from terrytee

    @ DedsOne “what ppl needs to understand” :D, that sum funny shit man! But on the real what ppl needs to over stand is, one persons banger is another persons garbage 🙂

  • Comment from Confidence

    this joint is bean dip. very uninspiring to say the least. premo has lost his consistency over the years. i guess that comes with maturing but some of these recent beats don’t even compare with the list of his other classics…

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