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DJ Premier Talks Upcoming Projects, M.O.P./DJ Premier Collabo Album, Starting A Company with Pete Rock & More

In this 35min audio, Mista Montana and Menace calls once again DJ Premier to chat about his upcoming projects. A lot was said, like: some more detailed info about “The Kolexxion” (like DMX that was almost going to get a feature), he’s going to make a track with Chris Brown, he did new tracks with Afu-Ra (but it wasn’t that good on a lyrical level), he wants Raekwon on NYGz album, new track with Esoteric called “Let It Off”, new track with Termanology & Lil Fame called “Play Dirty”, M.O.P. & DJ Premier planning to make a collabo album, Nas telling DJ Premier they will make the collabo album happen when his contract with Def Jam is over, Jeru the Damaja reunion, Pete Rock & DJ Premier starting a company “PVP” (Premier versus Pete) that’s going to sell merchandise and music, they are going to make 2 (!!) collabo albums (1 commercial/1 underground) and much more:

The first single of DJ Premier/Pete Rock album coming soon with Pete Rock rhyming over a Preem production!


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15 Responses to “DJ Premier Talks Upcoming Projects, M.O.P./DJ Premier Collabo Album, Starting A Company with Pete Rock & More”

  • Comment from Mashpotatoking

    This just made my day. Pete Rock over a Preem Beat?! A whole M.O.P. album with Primo??! Am I dreaming?!

  • Comment from Ama Hussla

    I’m not surprised immortal technique wanted a different joint than “weare at war”, he needs somethin really left field & mind-blowing.. weare at war was rather average..
    can’t wait for this releases to drop in 2016

  • Comment from Ama Hussla


  • Comment from mike g

    primo is probably the best producer out there but cmon with all this shit. NOTHING has happened with YR. NOTHING has come out and he come out with more big plans? whatever.

    at least the konexxxion is real

  • Comment from TheTruth

    more bright ideas that will never happen…i hate to say it but premo is like the rap newt gingrich – a new idea every minute with no motivation to see them through to completion.

  • Comment from marseye

    yeah mike g is right!Primo talks a lot!we were expecting nick javas & nygz albums to come out and we recently heard nick javas is off year round!?
    less talks & more acts!
    i really dig premier since the late 80’s but except you by evidence and for the record by torae, his productions are so so 🙁
    wake up primo!

  • Comment from Peter

    Good tunes, keep it up!

  • Comment from yoyo

    I don’t believe any of it!

  • Comment from RekerSCK

    i agree wtf he cant even drop ONE album on time, how the fuck is he going to drop all this shit. and m.o.p. collabo? they belong together, as soon as mop stopped using premier they were GARBAGE and still are. Too many promises. i love you premier, your still the best, but as you say “the man with no words”…..KEEP IT THAT WAY! the less you say, the better, and the more excited or suprised we’ll be when your shit drops.

  • Comment from JJ

    i don’t care if premo talks about his plans, but i always know when he do something iz always 101% real

  • Comment from Who Shot John

    LOL at the comment from The Truth.

  • Comment from TYBO2020


  • Comment from Gunnar Jam

    You can tell Primo was upset when he was talking about how other critcized him for the weak cuts and scratches and stuff. I think I understand how he feels but I think we the fans push him too much because he always comes out with great stuff. Even the tracks that were not my fav there is always smething there that would still make you respect Preemo’s talents.

    So far the Bumpy Knuckles album will be out in a month and from previous LIVE FROM HQ shows, Preemo was explaining how hard he’s worked to put that whole album together so in all fairness I believe him. His goals may not reach sooner but through time I think he’ll get there and that’s the best we can expect.

  • Comment from onthereal

    Premo forgot to mention that he’s working towards a cure for cancer as well, which will probably see an earlier release than the Pete Rock vs Premo album

  • Comment from Confidence

    This sounds like Premo’s plate is more than full. I just hope he can bring that consistency that I’m used to hearing from days past, especially for the Pete Rock vs. Premo ablum. Do you think he has any ill beats left in the stash? This dude must not have a lot of time to make any new material, you know what that means…most of this shit isn’t coming out like most already said…peace

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