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DJ Quik Apologies To DJ Premier

During his respectful admiration for legendary east coast producer DJ Premier, Quik abruptly interjects, “I owe Premo an apology though … I picked up the phone and I couldn’t dial 917 … I didn’t want to cry.”

After the untimely passing of the lyrical half of Gang Starr on April 19th of 2010, artists were calling into DJ Premier’s Live from Headcourterz Sirius/XM Satellite radio show recounting stories of the late emcee. “After Guru died I was supposed to call his radio station and reflect on Guru teaching me how to smoke a blunt,” explains Quik reminiscing of the time in New York, “I felt like I got into this private club.”

After admitting he “got cold feet” and knowing he “would get emotional talking about [the] guy” Quik, who himself has experienced the loss of his emcee Johnny “Mausberg” Burns not to mention Eazy E and Roger Troutman, pauses and reflects “that’s another great that we lost.”

Quik gives his reaction to The Fast Life’s suggested collaboration of a DJ Quik, DJ Premier and Erick Sermon producer’s album.


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