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DJ Premier & Bumpy Knuckles – Shake The Room (Feat. Flavor Flav) (Radio Rip)

This is the official leading single for DJ Premier & Bumpy Knuckles upcoming collabo album “The Kolexxxion”. Straight gutter with Flavor Flav on the hook! A music video is coming soon for this one! Oh small detail, this was a Busta Rhymes rejected beat. Enjoy:

DJ Premier & Bumpy Knuckles – Shake The Room (Feat. Flavor Flav) (Radio Rip)

Out March 27th on Gracie Productions/Works of Mart (Digital, CD & Wax). And an EP is coming sooner with 5 non album tracks!

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28 Responses to “DJ Premier & Bumpy Knuckles – Shake The Room (Feat. Flavor Flav) (Radio Rip)”

  • Comment from SirBiatch


  • Comment from SirBiatch

    This is really weak. It’s like Preem is imitating himself. It sounds so second rate. I would expect this from a second-rate Premo boom-bap wannabe producer. But Premo? At this point, dude needs to take time off, go to Tibet and do some soul-searching. I say that with all respect – I fucking love Premo. But these beats ARENT cutting it. Maybe it’s time for him to reinvent himself and do something different. I’m tired of the imitation beats. Either go back to the genius of your earlier beats or forge a new road and do something totally new with your sound.

  • Comment from Krzynio

    damn, “one of the best yet”

  • Comment from BMG

    I don’t know what the first 2 cats was listenin to but that joint is fucken fire. lookin forward to this album

  • Comment from Golden Era

    Just shut up and support real hip hop music. Period!

  • Comment from Ricmoraes

    I agree that Premier has been in better days, and always keep thinking that something great will come of it, but I think this track of this album makes me believe that I’ll keep waiting … I think this phase soulless in their productions might end up, even if it only depends

  • Comment from Cee-Mach

    I’ll agree this aint Premier’s best material but then again Premier’s always kicked down his 2nd rate work down to Bumpy. Hopefully Premier will come out swingin wit the artist that actually matter like Immortal Technique, NYG’z, Busta & Nas(if that ever actually happens)

  • I dig this. So far this is the hardest joint thats leaked off the Bumpy & Preemo album. Flava Flav on the joint is dope too… son is the original. Word ! I think them cats throwing dirt on Preems sound in 2012 are silly. No disrespect to the man himself but, I don’t think Premier can top what Premier did back then. That shit was rawness accompanied with hunger & youth. Shit don’t ever stay the same … I’m just glad the brother is still here adding on. Ya’ll expecting too much and in turn setting ya’ selves up for disappointment when you don’t get a “Nas Is Like” smh… everyone is a critic without merit.

  • Comment from fahq

    this shit is dope….i think anyone who don’t like it is high lol….this album is gonna be a classic

  • Comment from Ama Hussla

    co sign @ cee-mach..
    you gotta consider that these are all rejected tracks (altho I think that “eyeneverputmy4cusaway” will be somethin REALLY dope, since the beat will switch into 3 different parts, + kanye really wanted to use it until he got into his dark twisted fantasy)..
    I see “the kollexxxion” as a warm up for what preem will drop in the near future..the nygz LP especially will be certainly fire, I have no doubt about it (“what it iz”, “year round gz”, “ready”, “give it to ya raw”, those are obvious bangers)

    as far as the track is concerned, IMHO it ain’t that wack as Sir Biatch said, the beat is rather unusually arranged for a premier’s not his best, but it’s not “weak”, it’s ok..
    yes busta deserves sumthin better, and he definitely got some heat

  • Comment from nOF

    Not mind-blowing, but its cool,and heads should realize the amount of gangsta in that bass..

  • Comment from LG ROC

    Sounds crazy, can`t wait for a better quality one!

  • Comment from Santini

    Fooooooofy! LOL

  • Comment from Patrick aka Petromania

    i already got the vinyl on order via

  • Comment from Gunnar Jam

    I prefer We Are At War…Anyways so is that the reason why Nick Javas left YR because Preemo wasn’t making dope beats?

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  • Comment from Ricmoraes

    I commented something two days ago and just wanted to add, I know other fans of this excellent producer of hip-hop love everything he does, and I still love, just wanna say that I am 41 years old and come from the time he produced songs with more soul, and it is very difficult to keep up because the producers seek innovation over time, but it is only me and you who are fans of his know it, that’s why I still think he will shine may not be on this album, but he can do something spectacular time he wants

  • Comment from terrytee

    Sum more hate shit going on. All i can say is backpackers & newjacks 😀 Being close to 40 i was privileged to grow up in the 80’s, the true golden era of hip-hop way before premo dominated the the beats. This track “shake the room” really reminds me of some of that energy we got back in the days. Keep it going premo, loving the sound of this Bump LP.

  • Comment from redstar

    When I heard this i thought that busta would be dope on this shit, then scrolled down to see this was a rejected busta track. Might not be for everyone, but I like this shit.

  • Comment from Axx

    Livin´ that moment of truth,
    i bang Gang Starr before i go in the booth
    dudes will betray you just to get a rep,
    once you step in the arena take 2 steps ahead
    take two and pass, that´s the daily operation,
    no more mr. nice guy..

    RIP Guru, one of the alltime greats!

    Much love to DJ Premier.
    No disrespect, i do not mean to spam..

    Greetings from France

  • Comment from Axx

    And yeah, Bumpy killed it as ALWAYS, Premo #1
    They´ve got to play this shit in stadiums, fuckin´ Wembley hahaha


  • Comment from Who Shot John

    Good Gracious! I need to hear MOP on this one.


  • Comment from No Doubt

    All bow down to the goat, spark a blunt lay back and listen to that raw shit! I fucks with Premier all day, Bumpy sounds hungry lookin for that alpo, Flav on the hook was genius BTW. Keep putting in work Premier, don’t worry about the cyber nerds. “umm, I think his snare was a little off, or hmmm, I think if Premier put a scratch here he would have sounded better, maybe if Primo did a backflip, landed with one toe balancing on the mixer at the exact point the bass came in, then the bpm on the tempo would have formulated correctly to give a precise readout in Excel power point of hip-hop’s blueprint. Fuck outta here and go get your shine box!

  • Comment from Bboyyawning

    2nd rate premier…sounded like a party beat that,trying to hard to be gutter with the bass line riff.. Dont like at all

  • Remember this whole album is made from beats others turned down.
    Preem said he has neva made a Beat for Bump with the exception of Militia. So bound to have some border line beats. I feeling it tho.. But I am a big preem fan!!

  • Comment from Vandellish

    I thought it was decent but I tend not to make too big of a critique after first hearing things because some stuff grows on me.
    BTW it’s ok for Preme to make a meh track or even a wack one every once in a while. For every so-so track Preme’s come up with so far they’ll be about 6 or 7 bangers. So Preme keep bringin that dope stuff and we’ll be sure to keep you honest bro.

  • Comment from CARA GAMPANG

    Sounds crazy, can`t wait for a better quality one!

  • Comment from alex hong

    this is too dope FOH

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