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Torae – For The Record Music Video

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8 Responses to “Torae – For The Record Music Video”

  • Comment from Mick

    Best perm track last year , fuck that ev track that shit was straight boriing

  • Comment from Jean Ferrat

    weak video (again) for a premo track, as usual…..watched once, forgotten immediately.

  • Comment from Minguellopez

    Real music… I’ve been waiting for your Resurrection

  • Laced perfectly, well done Primo

  • […] There is also a “Best Of Torae” mixtape available, compiled by DJ Flash. —–Via […]

  • Comment from hutch1377

    @Mick – thank god some one else said it. REKS (25th Hour), this Torae and Apathy/Celph (Stop…) slaughtered it. Ev was kinda boring.

    Anyway – @Jean Ferrat – at this point, with no real consistent, central outlet for hip hop videos, i am happy that they get made it all, especially from independent labels. I have no idea how some one like Torae gets even to do a video. It goes to youtube, people watch it for free, and at least in the days of Ed & Dre, it pushed album sales – which are close to moot these days. I am glad these things get created at all. Maybe his next one can have a bank robbery or explosions or something.

  • Comment from Jean Ferrat


    of course I’m glad they made it. But explain me why what we all ask for a rap beat (sth to blow our ears) couldn’t be applied to a rap video (sth to blow ur eyes)? creativity in one word…

    my point is those rap ppl still don’t understand that content (prod & lyrics) is as important as display (the video if ever there is one, as u said it’s getting more & more complicated). So personally I would rather like no video at all rather than this already-seen pattern video:
    1st verse: I’m on the streeets
    2nd verse : look at I’m still on the streets
    3rd verse : look mom ! no hands and I’m still on the streets but this time with my possee….

    it’s not a question of money. once again everyday on Youtube you see amazing & creative videos shot with no money. Of course it’s street related, but come on be creativite for once.

    honestly, will you seriously ask you friend to waste 3 min of their time to watch that video? (in my case they will throw me rocks 4 sure)
    Sure you will be happy to share the music, it’s a premo beat. But tell me the add-value of this video? none to me…

    let’s say it’s kinda challenge: I give a fucking good primo beat, try to make a fucking good video, not a poor/average one.

  • Comment from marcy


    youre sad. and most likely failed. best of luck in your next life

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