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DJ Premier & Bumpy Knuckles KoleXXXion Album Trailer

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5 Responses to “DJ Premier & Bumpy Knuckles KoleXXXion Album Trailer”

  • Comment from big phill


  • That shit is DOPE!! I really can’t wait to get this album. Btw, didn’t Gracie Productions say that if you ordered the album from them that you would get it a couple of weeks early??? Well, we’re officially 2 weeks from the release date and I haven’t gotten the LP in the mail yet.

  • Comment from DJ Platform

    Yeah actually Gracie Productions is shipping the orders out March 15th. I talked to the manager there a few days ago. DJ PRMIER & BUMPY KNUCKLES autographed them on March 13th! So yeah by the time you read this, they will have already been shipped! I can’t wait cause I got the double Vinly and CD copies both autographed by them!!! SICK!!

  • Comment from mr b

    actually, this is not very creative or original. haven’t we seen this scenario before in a raekwon video (or all of them)?

  • Comment from whatever

    shit that is oringnal when seen a o.g like that take a full swing in video hahaha. man i looking for more i want to see the rest. good looking bumpy. you only one out right now worth listening too.

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