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Sirius XM/Hip Hop Nation Cancels DJ Premier’s Live From HeadQCourterz Show After 7 Years

It looks official now, after not airing for weeks Sirius XM/Hip Hop Nation deletes DJ Premier’s Live From HeadQCourterz Show from their weekly program. It’s a sad day for us, they took down the big and legendary ambassador of underground hip hop from the radio waves.

While DJ Premier already gave comments about the situation last week on his Twitter account we could only understood that there are contract issues with Hip Hop Nation that needs to be straighten out. But now Hip Hop Nation deleted the DJ from their site and program.

Does this mean we can forget about the Premo exclusives after years and years of dedication? Lets hope for the best!

The crew

You can listen to old Live From HeadQCourterz shows here.

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43 Responses to “Sirius XM/Hip Hop Nation Cancels DJ Premier’s Live From HeadQCourterz Show After 7 Years”

  • Comment from jfsdjofi

    he needs just another platform for his radio show…fuck sirius

  • Comment from Hologram !!

    damn how can they do that shit?? that is not fair, but I hope Premo will keep up his work somwhere else 🙂

  • Dammmmm….. Really the only reason I got the Sirrus in the first place. Hopefully Eclipse show remains.

  • Comment from Curtis

    absolute bullshit, i already wrote a complaint to sirius and hip hop nation earlier this week…im so dissapointed, one of the only real radio shows out there… only reason i had sirius in the first place, i tuned in literally every friday

  • Comment from Loykes

    Damn, I really hoped that the show would continue.

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  • Comment from cheff

    Sad news…

    Offtopic : learn some english man !

    • Comment from DeFiNiTi0N

      Have some respect dood.. English ain’t this man’s first language. Might wanna thank him for bringing LFHQCZ and other Preemo exclusives to people outta the US that can’t get at that shit normally than telling the internet to English better

  • Comment from RC

    Ain’t this some shit I gusse there is no room for real Hip-Hop on the radio even on satellite. Fuck Sirius-XM I will be cancelling my subscrption this week, I’ll just download Rap is Outta control online. And thats the double truth!!

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  • Comment from HipHop4Lyf

    Everyone posting send in complaints. I take 2 weeks off and this shit happend. I’m a lifetime subscriber and Live fn HQ is the only show I enjoy. Prem/crew should get 2 extra hours and a pay raise.. I’m really disappointed!!

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  • Comment from what what

    @ RC – where can i dl the rap is outta control show from? i need my fix man! please!

  • Comment from cardan

    damn i love listening to PREMIER AND PANCHI.

  • Comment from rollo

    The industry is run by suspect faggots so this aint no surprise.

  • Comment from Halkym


  • Comment from Saul

    NO!!!! come one, I live 8 time zones away from NY, and It was the best experience, to have a such figure in my house every Friday!
    It seems like Beatles or Rolling Stones would have their show canceled. Premo is one of the most influential figures in HH nowadays, he is legend, and It would be honor for my station to have such a man working for me, no matter how much it costs.
    I hope this comes not from Premier’s side, he’s a busy man and running a show takes time, but I still hope to hear him, maybe not on sirius, but on another station!
    Much love and respect, that show was keeping raw underground HH alive worldwide, it’s sad, that execs dont realize how important that show is.

  • Werd where do u download Rap Outta Control from..?

  • Comment from fahq

    premier should do his own thing like beatminerz do! fuck sirius anyway..i’d cancel service, but rap is outta control is dope to w/ eclipse.

  • Comment from thinking_cap

    I can’t believe that shit, Damn, live from HeadQCourterz was the reason I got sirius. It’s a shame cause hiphop nation & shade 45 now play about 85 percent wack shit now a days, and its like regular commerial hip hop radio. Most likely gonna cancel my account now, not worth it anymore.

  • Comment from Dick B

    Damn, that sucks.

  • Comment from Ben

    It’s a sad thing to hear that my favorite Hip Hop radio show has been cancelled. Damn!!! Fuck it. I am from Nairobi, Kenya in Africa, I have been listening to all the shows that you’ve been doing together with Panchi. It’s sad man. Real sad.

  • Comment from KING VINTAGE

    Damn how the best,groundbreaking records,real scraching, informative about new artist, cutting edge show get cancelled, im mad that these stations with such a broad audience dont understand the importance of this show,then your telling your listeners of a half a decade that this is finished probaly to put snap fa!!ot rap like all the other robots.these stations have to much control,they need to be stripped of power and preme should start a website for live streaming of his own show ill subscribe fu#k sirius we need to take are culture back from there hands and charge double later on when they want in.$$$YO PREME I NEED THAT EMAIL SO I CAN SEND YOU SOME SONGS WE BEEN MAKING MUSIC SINCE ”96”TRUST ME YOU WONT BE DISSAPOINTED,I NEED THAT EMAIL PREME

  • Comment from Oscadab

    This is some bullshit!!! No more Live from HQ?? Somebody tell the hackers to hit sirius’s bank account & clean those fuckers out!!

  • Comment from Jean Ferrat

    what’s Live from Headcourterz? has ever gone to that show? sorry but if BEP don’t go there, i don’t know what you are talking about. and Lil Wayne, what he did say about that cancellation? I only trust Wayne to speak about the hiphop culture, nobody else….

    I only hope Florida will have this slot to make us discover real indie hiphop in the Live from Floridass show…cannot wait

  • Comment from ?

    F**k Sirius. Just another way to keep real music off the radio. They don’t keep DJ Premier, but they have these fake-ass, bitch-ass bloggers doing their “blog radio”. This is insulting. I was gonna get satellite subscription, but they are clearly just another company who are completely out of touch with why people like them in the first place. Shade 45 is an absolute disaster. What a waste.

  • Comment from Rick C

    Why is it so hard to get good hip hop?
    And where do you download Rap is outa control from?

  • Comment from jns

    As far as I know, all the big hip hop shows are not available on the internet any more: Rap Is Outta Control, Halftime Show & Real Late on Hot 97.

    Premo should create his own platform on the net, and make the show available for everybody all over the world. Fuck this region bullshit.

  • Comment from Jones

    Well thats some fucked up bullshit! what the fuck how are I (and thousands others) gunna get weekly fresh shit now. Fuck Sirius xm. Gangstarr 4eva fuck them other niggas They aint even fuckin serious. PEACE PREEM, PANCH, MILLI D D D D

  • Comment from Alisa

    Why!? /my boyfriend is a huge fan of DJ Premier. He’ll be so dosappointed to hear this. I’m hoping that maybe he would consider doing a downloadable podcast type of show so his fan could still enjoying listening to selection of music he introduces, good exclusives and learn of new talented artists

  • Comment from dredknight

    Sirius xm are just not serious enough….

    This show was a breath of fresh air in this grey cloud of nothingness we live these days.

    I hope Preem will pull himself together and get online show going. I bet this will get more mainstream advertisement then what he had on Serius for the whole 7 years.

    much love from Bulgaria!!

  • Comment from Saul

    I wrote an email to sirius, hope Im not the one, because we need to show them that we care about Premos show.
    I never got a subscription, or downlaoded any shows, I waited until next Friday, when I could find recorded show on Yes! I usually waited whole week, listened to last week’s shows, but the atmosphere were still uncomparable.
    Anyway, much peace and love to Prem, Panch, Milly D’s babymother and all the KFHQ staff

  • Comment from TheTruth

    fuck paying to listen to the radio. i’m shocked that the show lasted as long as it did…hell i’m shocked Premo ever got offered a show, because it’s obvious that the people running radio have no idea what good music sounds like.

  • Comment from Mar

    I was listening to Rap Is Outta Control Sunday night and they were saying that Premier show is not cancel, he is in talks with sirius on a new contract so let’s keep our fingers cross.

    • Comment from gimantalon

      if you talk with sirius for weeks now and they delete the show of their program schedule and DJ Premier tweets to hip hop nation ‘wtf’. To me that means it’s canceled lol…

  • Comment from sdm36


    What!! 🙁 Sirius FM shot themselves in the foot there!!

    Can anyone recommend any other decent underground hip hop shows I can listen back to?

  • Comment from DoubleA

    Really hope that we get a Live From HQ podcast as a result of the cancellation. Looks like the underground has to go even further underground…

    Great work by Premo and the crew over the years. I think we all know that this is definitely not the end of LFHQ.

    Head up, eyes and ears open. Word is bond.

  • Comment from Jj

    Situs xm officially blows. They drop all there good shows with only a few remaining real show on the air. They better not drop Rap Is Outta Control. We will have major problems if that show is dropped..

    To the djpremierblog guy, can you see if preem would want to set something up like the guys from Subsoniq radio. They have an online podcast weekly, and are back on the air business as usual. I just want preem to stay on the air reguardless of the politics.

    Thanks jon

  • Comment from Larry

    I will be will not be renewing my subscriptoin.. Premo, and “rap is outta control” are the only two shows they offer that are worth a shit as far as hip hop is concerned

  • Comment from Lloyd Dev

    This was the reason why I got a subscription in the first place! I am very disappointed. Had I known this, I would not have renewed… This is what happens when Black people don’t control their own media outlets.

  • Comment from realhiphop

    DJ Premier ran a self-proclaimed “cool club” – glad to see it’s finally over.
    He had his head stuck into his ass for too long. I’m glad that reality check came his way. Maybe he can make use of the extra
    time on his hands to start remembering how to make dope beats
    cause his shit sucks ass nowadays like as if he forgot. Kid was getting lazy, son.

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