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Showbiz & AG “Preloaded” Album (Free)


1. DJ Premier’s Road Test (ft. DJ Premier)
2. That Nigga Crazy
3. Wolves (ft. OC)
4. Here and Now
5. I Just Go Along
6. God Is 4 Us
7. Berri Love (ft. OC)
8. Walk With Me
9. You IN Trouble (ft. DJ Premier)
10. My Imagination
11. Show And A
12. South Bronx Shit (ft. DJ Premier)
13. Experience
14. Suspended Animation
15. The Bond


Mugshot Music coming soon !! Enjoy!!

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19 Responses to “Showbiz & AG “Preloaded” Album (Free)”

  • Comment from crackdaddy


  • Comment from Josh

    Just copped this and am really looking forward to it. I wish they would team up with more than just O.C. but that is a very small complaint; i love ditc.
    Speaking of: i must be out of the loop b/c i just heard about a new group with Milano, D-Flow & a new rapper Gage called Barbury’n. They have a few joints out most/all produced by Show.
    Didn’t even know Milano put out a mixtape in 2010 called The Hurt Locker. I’ve been going nuts trying to cop that but the only links are old zshare links. I did know about the EP Milano put out on itunes but that’s mostly chaze & agallah on production.
    Show also has 2 instrumental albums out on itunes/amazon; one is still diggin vol. 1 – has a lot of beats from preloaded and some new ones and he also has another instrumental album barbury’n beats which looks like it’s all brand new.
    Wanted to share this info. If anybody can share Milano – Hurt Locker mixtape or any Barbury’n songs that would be awesome.
    Yeah, i know this is a long post. Sorry.

  • Comment from Josh

    & theres 3 bonus tracks for Preloaded available on itunes and amazon. Thankfully they’re not “album only” and are Celebrate (Daytime Mix), Mugshot & Justice. & nah, they weren’t leaked here first unfortunately. 2012 is still a crappy year for hip hop but i’m loving OC & Apollo Browns album, Nick Wiz presents Ran Reed & now this.

  • Comment from Flemming

    Thanks guys. This is great. 🙂

  • Comment from Zuri G!

    Thank You Premo!

  • Comment from LG ROC

    ”I Just Go Along” IS MY SHIT… DOPE!

  • Comment from jeanmeche

    guys, sorry for this question but what does “preloaded” mean ? are the tracks shorter than the real album to come out ?

  • Comment from Stolonius

    Showbiz drums are bangin hard. I don’t get how he does that but man…..Show is a beast !!

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  • Comment from godzillionaire

    This album is incredible. Can’t wait for the next one!

  • Comment from I-represent-da-real-H-Hop

    Beatiful album ! Damn 2012 is a good year for hip-hop ! Oc & apollo brown, the kolexxxion, preloaded & mugshot music and there will be a ditc album a nas album and a big daddy kane album this summers gonna be dope as hell ! Peace from germany !

  • Comment from @DaRealHalkym

    This Shit is crazy. show ang ag are great 1’s

  • Comment from Ama Hussla

    ”I Just Go Along” samples the same track as the “vigilantes” remix premo did.. question is who flipped it better, show or premier? hard to compare, 2 totally different styles, but I might go for show..

  • Comment from MONTANA

    its a nice pre album,i’m very pleased on the whole album.
    and I am very excited about the new d.i.t.c. album, must be dope….

  • Comment from what what

    the only dope tracks are the foru or five jointz they already put out over the winter. the rest is wizzack by comparison, save for just go along, that one is aiight. they should have just saved all five of those bangin’ jointz and dropped an ep on us like pow! instead they pre-release all the dope shit months ago and then when the album finally comes it’s those same five bangers plus a bunch of wack shit. what part of the game is that?

    similar to kolexxxion, although that had a few nice new jointz on it like greatness and the focus away joint, the album as a whole doesn’t compare to the 2003 era jointz like paine, the lah, the life, but they figure if they push hard and sell hard to the new fans they will get over. but reel hedz from back inna dayz recognize that jointz like paine etc from the early 00’s were preme and bumpy’s creative peak, now they’re just going through the motions and the corny come lates won’t know the difference and still buy it

  • Comment from what what

    continuing with this concept….

    back in the days before internet and, let’s face it, when this kind of music was cause for a major label record deal and was new and fresh. it would have been unheard of to put out one or two dope songs, then stall and make the fans wait for an album that is straight trash save for those two dope songs. just imagine what this would have done to record sales! that’s why it never happened like that. you had to get the people’s attention with some hot singles and then soon after hit them with a sick album that was equal to or better than the singles!

    these old school guys somehow now believe that people don’t respond to music like this anymore and that the fans of today are just virtual and ever changing and thanks to the internet will always be turning up through some sort of magical revolving door to buy whatever they currently have out. who cares if they put out a few hot tracks, then make these supposed ‘virtual’ loyal fans wait forever for a piece of turd album? even in this devalued age of internet sales it makes no sense! some things have not changed and they need to recognize this

  • Comment from UnkleCuzin'

    this is incredible!!! hip-hop is re-shaping itself again…too bad the young won’t recognize because of what they see & glorify. keep it coming, a ‘real’ fan needs this all day, everyday!

  • Comment from what what

    revisiting the old show and a again that i grew up on…..i take back some of the extra-ness of my comments above. even if they never made music again after their first two albums, they would still be considered some of the greatest to ever do this just based on that alone…..and then ditc?……some of the dopest hip-hop ever pioneered on a production and lyrical level. matter fact, just forget what i said : /

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