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Big Shug – Still Here (Prod. by A Kid Called Quest) CDQ

1 day after Big Shug’s new album “I.M. 4-EVA” presentation we have a fresh new leak from that album:

Big Shug – Still Here (Prod. by A Kid Called Quest)

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8 Responses to “Big Shug – Still Here (Prod. by A Kid Called Quest) CDQ”

  • Comment from DaBig6

    He sounds like The Game with a deeper voice.

  • Comment from TheTruth

    He sounds like The Game with a total lack of lyrical ability.

  • Comment from Mtllou75

    Sonce when does the game have lyrical ability. Its not hard to name drop every line.

  • Comment from TheTruth

    @Mtllou75 if you honestly think The Game has no lyrical ability then it’s blatantly obvious that you have no idea what the words “lyrical ability” even mean. dj premier co-signed this dude by giving him a beat – so i guess dj premier doesn’t recognize skills??? GTFOH

  • Comment from Josh

    Is A Kid Called Quest the same producer A Kid Called Roots?

  • Comment from Mtllou75

    The truth ur funny dude. Primo has cosigned many artists with no real lyrical ability. Cmon jack lol. When i think lyrical ability i think of guru, rakim, nas,ect…hell most of his first album writting by 50. U must think lil wayne is the shit lol. Ive probly been listening to hip hop longer than you’ve been alive son. Gtfoh, but i digress everybody’s got an opinion but cmon some of games shit is tight but ability lol hes a commercial corporate rapper. Mac miller has as much lyrical ability as game lol

  • Comment from TheTruth

    @Mtllou75 so u have been listening to hip-hop for almost 30 years??? because that’s how long i’ve been listening to hip-hop FAGGOT. u should get to know a dude before u talk shit.

  • Comment from Steven89

    Big Shug is a legend!

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