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DJ Premier Featured On DJ Khaled Upcoming Album “Kiss The Ring”

Commercial producer DJ Khaled is working hard to finish his follow up album to “We The Best Forever”. His new album “Kiss The Ring” will be out on August 21st. The album will feature the legendary DJ Premier to make the Justice League produced track complete with scratches, that track will also have other guest raps. Khaled’s fifth album “We the Best Forever” was released in July 2011, continuing on to sell more than 120,000 copies in the United States. The LP spawned the singles “Welcome to My Hood” and “I’m On One,” the latter of which was certified triple platinum.

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24 Responses to “DJ Premier Featured On DJ Khaled Upcoming Album “Kiss The Ring””

  • Comment from mrjaxon2002

    Nice I cant wait to hear this… Khaled normally does some really big production. Premo is a legend.. This track should a monster of a song!!

  • Comment from t.r.

    Featured means that Premier laces Scratches on a Khaled beat?

  • Comment from gimantalon

    @t.r., scratches on a Justice League beat

  • Comment from RekerSCK

    cmon guys premier “scratching” isn’t even worth an update. if khaled was hip-hop he’d have premier produce a track. anyone can scratch on their own beat

  • Comment from primo4life

    Scratching is ok, but way? WHY!!! Khaled is a clown.

  • Comment from RAW

    Such a shame… My favorite producer with this shit “producer”.

  • Comment from Blu87

    wow! He sold 120,000 copies of some shit for kids. Is that why he looks like a fat pigeon? Very disappointed news…..

  • Comment from yoyo

    word to RekerSCK!!

    This blog needs more updates! What is Premier doing? I want a new track NOW!

  • Comment from the_militia

    Primo, don’t you do it!

  • Comment from frytec


  • Comment from wow

    So, did i get this correctly? “Dj” Khaled is a dj, but he is not really a dj. Just like that nigga Fabolous, he is fabolous BUT, there is nothing fabolous about him. I hope this is first and last thing Primo will do for this mainstream, dick-riding “rappers, producers”. Whats yo game be like, Primo?

  • Comment from wow

    *Preemo. my bad

  • Comment from fede55

    You the best forever? lol, kiss my ass you fat prick

  • Comment from Kil @ headphones

    So much hostility. Hey Prem when you putting out another beat tape?

  • Comment from Steven89

    Welcome to My Hood?

    I thought he is from Miami… lol

  • Comment from fgai

    premo doesn’t seems to be comfortable to be around khaled 😀

  • Comment from Steven89

    hahaha. I noticed that too! Why did he agreed to help this idiot. Really strange..

  • Comment from Romanialovespremo

    Some of “DJ” Khaled’s “songs”: We Takin’ Over, All I Do Is Win, I’m So Hood, Welcome To My Hood, I’m On One, We Takin’ Over, Make It Rain, Sexy Lady, Out Here Grindin, What You Gonna Do to Me, Blood Money, She’s Fine, We Global, Go Hard, Out Here Grindin, Money, My Life, Bringing Real Rap Back? lol
    Now his “albums”: 2006: Listennn… the Album, 2007: We the Best, 2008: We Global, 2010: Victory, 2011: We the Best Forever, 2012: Kiss the Ring

    Why are you doing this, Premo? You are a LEGEND to a true hip-hop fans and this prick Khaled is a clown, industry puppet who makes “music” for other clowns, gay people and lost teenagers. Very disappointed with this news…

  • Comment from iRulebot

    I’m about to call the militia.. Freddie turn this fake nigga off, you the clapper! lol
    Premo you shall know the truth. you are royalty, let this fool do his own shit and do what he does best “fakin’ the funk”.

    Guys go easy on my idol, his only crime, is that he is too damn kind :Đ

    R.I.P Keith Guru Elam

  • Comment from bazukillaz

    “***** you, for thinkin platinum is the ultimate goal
    These faggot niggaz gettin they money, but losin they soul
    -I dont wanna hear shit from you- niggaz with no background
    No backbones, you get no chance to back down

    Deal how we deal witcha, peons, no chips
    Changin whips out so they can look richer
    I see the big picture, startin in the kitchen
    With bricks and pyrex pots, the widescreen edition”

    Alvin xD Joiner “Xzibit” – What A Mess

  • Comment from me


  • Comment from dude3_187

    His buddy Ricky Sauce should do the scratches with his ass, add some fart noises and said something different for a change.

    This is getting old and pathetic. Don’t get me wrong i have nothing against clowns, hell i like clowns. I been in circus many times…

  • Comment from dude3_187


    I feel you.. rap niggaz, fuckin it up
    Monkey-mouthed muh’fuckers, spoilin the cut


  • Comment from highwayman21

    We da breast I mean we da best! Lmao!

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