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We’re Back! Live From HeadQCourterz (06/01/2012)

We’re back! Feels good to post this again! The BAP Remix Contest winning track was played.

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28 Responses to “We’re Back! Live From HeadQCourterz (06/01/2012)”

  • Comment from Poland

    Great! Ive been waiting for this for so long!
    Thank you gimantalon!

  • Comment from Jeff in Cleveland

    Thank you for posting! I was missing this show bad!

  • Comment from highwayman21

    yeah man!

  • Comment from highwayman21

    Oh my god i’m so fucking happy. Damn! Its feels good to hear Premier’s voice again! tAkE iT 2tHeToP my niggas

  • Comment from d.fusion

    DL link anyone??

  • Comment from d.fusion

    did anyone find preemteeveetoob?????? that’s not that hiphop shit 😀

  • Comment from highwayman21


    Use google to find method how to download from mixcloud or use IDm or some shit.

  • Comment from Turcan Stanislav

    at min 46… sounds like somthng fresh and ill from Dat X 🙂

  • Comment from d.fusion

    thx 4 the info. i’ll see what i can find.

  • Comment from Rick C

    thank god hiphop is back on the radio!
    Welcome back preem and panchi!42

  • Comment from steee

    my life is complete once more

  • Comment from ML4T

    TY Gim. You the geratest. And im happy that the show is back again.
    ….the real…Hip-hop hip-hop…

  • Comment from Tre

    We have been blessed to have this show come back. Welcome back preemo & panchi…….Ya my life is complete again…..I can even tune back to channel 44 on friday night again.

  • Comment from Curt McGirt


  • Comment from zeriam2010

    thanks god!

  • Comment from gorbachev1990

    spin that shit, preemo!1 i can’t wait to listen next episode.

  • Comment from nOF

    The alcohol kicked in at the end of the show..hah

  • Comment from Alisa

    Will you resume posting DJ Eclipse’s shows too?I can find them anywhere else online…

  • Comment from DAREALEMARSH

    @highwayman21 you should get a file stream recorder try NCH.COM

  • Comment from Gunnerrrrr Jam

    We got Meelee D we got Meelee D D D D. Great that the radio show is back online. Love the DJ Premier Bumpy Knuckles tracks Preem played. Best of the year thus far!

  • Comment from BLACKSOUL.


  • Comment from @djtodd1

    I’m so glad this is back. I’ve been pissed off for a while. This is THE TOP HIP-HOP SHOW.

  • Comment from The Chemist

    Damn that second tune is the shit…. anyone know who its by/what its called?

  • Comment from phillyROOTed

    yessir……Welcome back!

  • Comment from Saul

    whats the name of Premier’s youtube channel I still cant spell it

  • Comment from DoubleA

    Head up – eyes and ears open. Word is bond.

    Glad you guys are back. Shit wasn’t the same without you dudes.

  • Comment from Hector K

    You had a lot of angry MFs writing fan mail to SiriusXM, this one included. Glad to see all those multi-syllable words paid off! Now go paint a train!

  • Comment from bonzai82

    @Saul +1 someone please help us lol. thanks in advance 🙂

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