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DJ Premier Discusses YMCMB/G.O.O.D. Music Beef


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9 Responses to “DJ Premier Discusses YMCMB/G.O.O.D. Music Beef”

  • Comment from dredknight


    Mike Joneessss ;D

  • Comment from rudedude

    iam tired of those premo interviews, where he talks some bullcrap about some garbage mcs. hes still one of the illest producers but sometimes iam mad about how he sees some things. but i got still tonz of respect for his work and i know he will kill it in the future aswell.

  • Comment from Vandellish

    The politically correct answer (that’s not really an answer) is what’s wrong with hip hop today. Everybody’s too pu$$y to state their real opinion about certain artists or styles for fear of backlash via Twitter, Facebook, blogs or even out on the street. I long for the days when people would call out bullshyt, simply because it’s bullshyt.
    So yeah, in a nutshell G.O.O.D. music over YMCMB in a LANDSLIDE!!!
    Get the fuk outta here with that YMCMB plastic ass soundin music! I’m no fan on G.O.O.D. music either outside of Common and Kanye but damn YMCMB is 95% garbage.

  • Comment from Ama Hussla

    @ Vandellish:
    I was so disappointed with premier’s statement, “young good music”, get the fuck outta here..I was hopin that he’d say AT LEAST good music at the end since they’re OBVIOUSLY by far superior (again cosign @ you Vandellish), but no, he’s showin lack of cojones cuz he probably doesn’t wanna ruin his chance of working with both camps..
    btw that twitter “beef” (big would turn in his grave for abusing this word) is just as pussy, and artists, or legends such as pete rock, tend to destroy their reputation..

  • Comment from BEZ

    All I know is I wish that Bun B “Let Em Know” instrumental was available. If anyone has some pull or can get @ Primo, please see if that joint will ever see the light of day.

  • Comment from rollo

    the problem with hip hop is faggots got control of the hip hop bus and threw everyone else off….

    do the math

    Dre (ya’ll saw the dress)
    Jay Z

    all homos or bi-sexual…..except no one can say shit about this because faggotry has been normalized through the media

  • Comment from Hispanik

    premo do something you talk so much about I do this I do that album but at the end you do nothing…its a sad thing….

  • Comment from Drakelikesitintheass

    Y is premier talkin about pop singers? the question was about hip hop no? im so confused. Rollo is right those guys are mostly gay, the only straight one there is jay z. But i mean jay stopped doin hip hop a long time ago

  • Comment from life

    I like how Premier doesnt talk bad about any camp, that shows maturity and knowledge and he just sticks to what he does and lets everyone else do their thing, a good lesson for u younglins

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