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Live From HeadQCourterz (06/08/2012)

Guest: Bumpy Knuckles

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13 Responses to “Live From HeadQCourterz (06/08/2012)”

  • Comment from The Chemist

    Yessir! good work once again mate 🙂

  • Comment from The Chemist

    Someone asked last week how to download the mp3? I used to use a greasemonkey usercript, but mixcloud changed tings around so it doesnt work. I think the only method that works at present is to copy and paste the mixcloud url at

  • Comment from rollo



    That public enemy joint!!!!


    hot damn.

  • Comment from roqit

    nice, regards the visit.. 🙂

  • Pretty good show and it was nice hearin Bumpy up in there again. I called up the show as I sometimes do… I was the first caller. It’s so nice havin PREEM back on the air.

  • Word up, rolo. I love that new Public Enemy joint that Freddie Foxxx produced and was featured on.

  • Here’s my phone call from Friday nights Live From HQ and I let the show play out after my phone call cuz Preem played a BRAND NEW Public Enemy joint that Bumpy Knuckles produced and was featured on… Shit’s a banger!

  • Comment from AP


    If you don’t have firefox, download it.

    Than google the Download Helper add on, download/install it.

    1. Once it’s installed hit play
    2. Click Tools
    3. Download Helper/Media
    4. Than click the Live From HQ & download.

  • Comment from rollo

    @wicked you are a wise man!

    power to the people no delay!

  • Comment from Poland


    weekly portion of dopeness 🙂
    i really missed that.
    i would call to tell panchi good mamma joke, but in Poland its middle of the night when the show is on.
    This Bumpys beat goes hard!

  • Comment from Gunnerrrrr Jam

    I love that DJ Premier, Bumpy Knuckles track Eyeneverputmy4cusaway!

  • Comment from The Chemist

    Yo Phanchie muslim? He started his bar in the khaleel song with the muslim praise of God… Or is he following that NoI shizz?

  • Comment from Steeech

    What’s up with all the Freddie Foxxx ass licking?

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