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38 Spesh – Support (Feat. Styles P) (Prod. by Pete Rock) Music Video

With a cameo of DJ Premier! Premo will deliver three beats on his upcoming LP.

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18 Responses to “38 Spesh – Support (Feat. Styles P) (Prod. by Pete Rock) Music Video”

  • Comment from polo

    yet another dreadful pete rock song…it’s fair to say he makes some pretty bad music nowdays..whatever happened to that nice laid back soulful sound???

  • Comment from mark v

    Whos the girl in that video?

  • Comment from dave

    utter shit, pete is finished

  • Comment from truth

    wack beat, wack rhymez, p rock can do better than working with this sh*t

  • Comment from Real Talk

    Pete came correct on the beat, this is that golden era shit. emceeing type style, 38 is nice, all around sum fly shit, stop hating on that real shit, be thankful Pete Rock and Primo are still working. Ghost came correct too

  • Comment from bug1

    F*ck outta here dave get premo’s nuts out your mouth

  • Comment from t.r.

    3 beats!? Is there a release date yet?

  • Comment from dave

    bug1 when was the last time pete did a classic beat. as for premo he is well past his best days (1992 to 2000).

  • Comment from DJ Guttah

    This beat isn’t all that wack. Although it is frustrating to hear this sound coming from someone like Pete Rock. It’s really this man called 38 Spesh that makes the majority of this song dreadful.

    I’m also confused as to why Premo is just randomly in this video. Are they doing that to try and make 38 Spesh look good or something?

  • Comment from Al

    I totally agree. I you really know Primo and Pete Rock beats, you can’t say this shit is dope !!

  • Comment from bug1

    Torae “That Raw” is easily a classic. C’mon son if you don’t know who Pete Rock is…you gotta lotta homework ahead of you.

  • Comment from flo(h)

    whats a classic beat, hä?…its classic cauce prem dit him in the 90ties…then “gangstarr bus” is a new classic….”watch how it goes down” from term was not a classic…??? to write only one!!!!
    prem change a little, but everything else is boring, but he aint lost it, this dude is hiphop in his purest form, its not all bout his beatz, he lives the culture, one of the real last legends, whos still relevant, ya all, jup dave you too, have to respect and support that…or get the f…out of this blog!!!!

  • Comment from roy


  • Comment from Who Shot John

    I dont know 38 Spesh, but I have to respect his flow on this beat. He handled the track very well, considering how off-tempo it is. Gotta say it’s dope, but most importantly orginal. We’ll see what Preem comes with.


  • Comment from William Faulkner

    I’ve been bumping this song for a while. I love the beat, it’s cool to hear a different style from Pete Rock, to me he keeps the quality of his work untoched. The history of the video is stupid, but 38 Spesh and Styles P. did their thing.

  • Comment from mr_b

    another song and video that totally lack creativity. and you cannot judge something as “classic” until it has stood the test of time. a few months out does not count.

  • Comment from Curtis

    thought i was the only one who was dissapointed with this song when i first heard it but i tend to agree with most of you. none of petes new shit compares with his old shit, with those funky basslines and signature drums. that raw was a good beat, and so was thin line but hes not as consistant as he once was. premo on the other hand has maintained his sound to the fullest, sure hes not in his prime anymore but as time progresses, you cant expect the sound to change at all. were in a new era of hip hop and we still gotta respect what pete and preem doing for the culture, regardless of pete making mediocre beats. you can tell pete is moving slowly towards that more mainstream feel. doing shit for kanye and jay-z, and now preem revealing in an interview that pete wants the pete rock vs premier collaboration to have alot of mainstream features, and even going as far as to do a whole album with just mainstream, and then a whole album with just underground. regardless of that, pete is still a legend no doubt and you gotta respect his grind. will always have so much love for primo and pete and for what theyve done for hip hop

  • Comment from Curtis

    sound not to change at all*

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