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Gang Starr Interview Hip Hop Connection February ’91

Shout out to Leon Nockolds at, this magazine was found between John Peel’s Hip Hop LP’s!

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3 Responses to “Gang Starr Interview Hip Hop Connection February ’91”

  • Comment from roy


  • Comment from Ricoflav

    Thanks man, for an old guy who remembers when he got this cassette back in 1991 at age 16… And was just blown away, at the advancement over the first album. So cool to see how proud and thoughtful a young guru was… Gone too soon, but I’m even more thankful that he was here to give us classics like arena and all those that came after… Respect and love

  • Comment from Truth

    Funny They said Solar would not work But Pre Queer Is the One FIRED thrown out like the piece of shit garbage that he is By SIRIUS RADIO. And every DJ gig he gets heckeld and no body will hire his crack addicted senior citizen faggot old Ass. FUNNY how this worked out and it AIN”T Over yet theres MORE TO COME TO HIM and his MURDEROUS companions. THEY ARE KNOWN AND WILL PAY FOR MURDERING GURU and FRAMIN SOLAR!

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